Drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog

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Drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2

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STEP 1. First, I will explain give some tips of drawing Sonic. The reason is not every artist can see unique features of the character right. I have seen people draw Sonic with a triangle nose, 4, 5 and even 8 spikes on his head instead of 6 and such. So... here goes TIP A. Sonic usually is drawn with 3 spikes on his head; actually, he has 6 of them, as I said before. But drawing only 3 can be easier. The middle one is the longest, the upper one - the shortest. Spikes curve down more than side; the head is a perfect circle; Sonic has ONE eye. It has round edges and goes down, close to the nose. Note the eyebrow line or whatever is it on top of the eye, in the middle. Sonic also has eyebrows; the nose looks round from that point of view; the muzzle has 3 curves - 1 for the nose and 2 for cheeks. It stands out of the circle of the head a little bit. The muzzle curves are all in one line. TIP B. Spikes look longer and don't curve downwards so much; Both ears are visible. The inside of the closest ear is also visible; the nose is shaped like a drop of water; the muzzle stands out of the head circle. the 'eyebrow line' that separates the eye also stands out; the eye does not go over the center line of the head, the muzzle does.   STEP 2. TIP C. Sonic's body has a shape that may look like an egg. So does his body mark. The body is smaller than Sonic's head and smoothly goes to his legs. Arms grow from the 'edge' of the body. No shoulders and no neck! TIP D. A bit of the bodymark is visible; the body smoothly goes to the spikes, which are as long as the body itself; legs and arms grow near the center line of the body(I know, I know, I forgot this center line, but please forgive me and remember about what I said) and the tail grows just above a point from where Sonic's legs grow out.   STEP 3. TIP E. The shoe is triangle-shaped and is almost as big as Sonic's head. The sole of the shoe is higher when closer to the heel; a stripe in the middle is a strap, not a stripe... So it covers the shoe; a buckle goes over the strap, NOT around it and it covers the strap. Please remember that there's only ONE gold buckle on each shoe! TIP F. The sole is high, and as it seen from behind, it has a stick-shaped ledge, or maybe a seizure in the middle; the strap is closer to the back of the shoe while you look at it in front. The buckle also can be seen from the front.   STEP 4. And now, finally, we start drawing Sonic himself, yay :3 Start with the guidelines. Remember that the head is a circle. Lines on it show the center of the head and where the muzzle will be drawn. Draw simple curved lines for legs, arms and body. You can also sketch hands and feet at this step and later you won't worry about how they should actually look. *Here Sonic is as tall as 4 of his heads. In games he is 3 or 3.5 heads tall*   STEP 5. Next, we draw the muzzle. The cheek stands out of the head, if you remember. Also add a guideline for the eye. Draw Sonic's egg-shaped body and its center line which will help later. The body covers the head a bit. No neck!   STEP 6. Draw the eye. Its middle line covers itself with its own closest to us part *if you understood this, you're a genius. My congrats x)* Give a volume to legs and arms. (Drawing the invisible parts can seem strange, but this helps.)They're wider to an end. I also changed the body shape a bit to show how smoothly it goes to the legs. Add guidelines for the spikes.   STEP 7. Remove lines you don't need. Draw hands (i fixed some parts i didn't like) and shoes, without details yet, but you may already draw soles. Add a spike(or spikes, it depends on the angle in which you drew the body) and a tail (mine is almost not seen because of the hand). Figure out the placement of the cuffs (or what are they) and draw ovals/circles for them.   STEP 8. Draw the spikes on Sonic's head and his eyebrows. The farthest one covers the headline a bit because of the head's angle. Add the mark on the body. When drawn right, it can show in which direction the body is turned. Detail the shoes by adding straps and buckles, if they should be seen. In this drawing they shouldn't. Draw the cuffs.   STEP 9. Draw the face expression, remove all the lines you don't need anymore and you're done!   STEP 10. Here you can see (if you are interested) how I colored my drawing. I also fixed a few remaining mistakes. P.S. I'll give you the last tip: the eyelids can be colored like Sonic's muzzle and arms, as well as blue like his main color.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.