Drawing Knuckles the Echidna

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Drawing Knuckles the Echidna 2

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Drawing Knuckles the Echidna 4

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STEP 1. Knuckles wants you to draw him cool and correctly, of course. So here are the tips. TIP A. The head has a shape that can be really hard to draw, but if you look at it carefully, you will see that it is based on the shape of an egg but is angular. A blue line shows that the head line has 4 'sides'. Let's say that the one with eyes on it is the first. The second 'side' starts near the eye line (upper red line) and ends before the center line of the face. The third goes up, the fourth goes down and then there's a spike growing straight down unless the head isn't turned; spikes grow near the eye line, lower as close to the back of the head; Knuckles' nose is longer than Tails' and covers the farthest part of the muzzle whenever the head is not full face or half face. The nose tip is triangle-shaped; Knuckles has TWO eyes, not one =.= The farthest eyebrow goes around the eye when the head is turned. Note that the 'middle eyebrow' covers itself, like Sonic's one. TIP B. Eyes go almost straight up, then slightly up and then down. They smoothly grow into the 'middle eyebrow' that stands out; there are 7 spikes on Knuckles' head. Here we see 4 of them. The first one grows really close to the eye and head's center line and covers the cheek(red curve). The second is a bit longer, the third is the longest and the fourth - the shortest; the second 'side' of the head ends near where the eye ends; the nose doesn't look so long. The cheek is higher than the muzzle line.   STEP 2. TIP C. Knuckles' body is bucket-shaped or like that. It smoothly goes to the legs; the bodymark is shaped like a crescent moon and takes place close to the top of the body. Its tips are near to points from where arms grow. TIP D. Legs and arms are on the center line of the body; a piece of the bodymark is visible; tail has the shape of a lightning and so has THREE 'sides', not 2, 4 and so on. It grows near the legs.   STEP 3. TIP E. Shoes are based on rectangles; soles go over shoes, not under them and so they can cause shadows on shoes; stripes are stripes, not straps, and they are right where Lego things are; the Lego things are placed on shoes and stand out. Only 3 of 6 small cylinders can be seen from this point of view; cuffs are solid cylinders. They also can cause troubles when you draw. My way of creating one is to draw a round line around the leg, then a longer one underneath that, then connect it with the leg and draw 2 straight lines going down, the last thing is to connect the straight lines' bottoms with a curved line. TIP F. Shoes are simple from behind; when looking at them in front, you can see that the front part of each shoe is rounded and covers a bit of Lego thing.   STEP 4. Oh my gosh, Knuckles is still waiting for us to start drawing him! D: We'd better stop trying his patience and sketch the guidelines. The base of the head looks like an oval when in full face. Knuckles' height is about 4 of his heads.   STEP 5. Draw his muzzle, body and add the eyes guideline.   STEP 6. Draw arms and legs. Mine aren't all around the guidelines because I realized they were wrong. I corrected the head's shape and the muzzle stands out now. You can also add body's center line.   STEP 7. Give shape to hands (his left one looks bigger because it's closer to us) and feet and draw a thunder-shaped line for the tail. Note that the gloves have only one finger, like mittens.   STEP 8. Shape the tail itself. In this drawing its middle part is short because of the perspective. Sketch cylinders for the cuffs; you don't need to be accurate - we'll change them completely later. Why? Because. >:3 ... Ah, well, the reason is they really help when you want to know where the cuffs will be but it's not their time to be drawn. But this is only my opinion. Draw like You wish.   STEP 9. Draw the eyes. Their 'middle eyebrow' covers a tiny part of the muzzle. Add soles and knuckle spikes(2 on each glove).   STEP 10. Sketch simple rectangles for the Lego things. Now we can shape the cuffs (ones on the shoes go over Lego plates). Then draw lines to figure out spikes' placement.   STEP 11. Draw the spikes. Most of them are visible here. Add details to the shoes. Lego things aren't paper-thin. Imagine them like flat boxes.   STEP 12. Add the crescent mark on Knuckles' body and draw his eyebrows. Now look at your drawing carefully. Are there any details you forgot? In my picture, it was the farthest part of the shoe stripe.   STEP 13. Draw the face, remove lines you don't need anymore, correct parts you don't like if they exist and, if you don't want to color, your drawing is finished. Thanks for posing, Knuckles!   STEP 14. Coloring tips: Knuckles' fur is bright red with white mark. His eyes can be colored purple as well as dark blue; shoes are darker than the fur; stripes are yellow and cuffs are green, but not vice versa.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14.