How to Draw a Chibi Couple

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STEP 1. The couple that you will be drawing is going to be in love and close to each other. Start with two circles that are about the same size, and then make sure that they touch one another.   STEP 2. We will work on the boy first so start drawing the shape of his face from a side profile. Draw out the ear, and then you can draw in his hairstyle which I kept long and sort of grungy.   STEP 3. Next, draw in a thick but scratchy line for the closed eye, and sketch in some scuff like marks under the eye for the cheeks. Draw in some inner ear detailing and move to step four.   STEP 4. Now you can start the girl's face. Draw the outline of her face from a side profile like so, and then draw in her long hairstyle. Once that id done you will need to make the lining that will create the arm, and hands of being embraced by her bo.   STEP 5. Draw in a piece of her bang which is arched up, and then draw in some curls, and other hair strand lines to add definition or detail to her hair. You will then draw her closed eye and sketch in some blush marks on her cheek as well.   STEP 6. Okay, stay with the female chibi and draw out her extended arm and back line. Once that is done draw in a hand on her shoulder, and then draw out a loving heart. Add some shading or coloring between the heart and arm and add a sleeve line.   STEP 7. Finish off this tutorial by drawing out the boy's body which is his entire torso and some of his lower body. Draw both arms, back, waist or belt, and then his legs. Color in the other side of the heart shape and begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one, along with the mistakes.   STEP 8. Here is what the chibi couple looks like now that you are all done. Have fun completing them as you customize your characters as they become a couple.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.