How to Draw Frost, Mortal Kombat

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STEP 1. Ok, let's start with some guide lines. We'll be drawing Frost for a slight angle, so one shoulder will be obscured. Basic hourglass figure on the torso, and some rather long legs. Tilt the head toward the higher shoulder to add a little more rhythm to the pose. Even though it's a standing pose, you should be able to liven it up a bit. Try to envision a vertical curved line, snaking left and right through the figure.   STEP 2. We'll start off the line art with the basic shape of the face. Outline the ninja face mask, and use jagged lines for the hairline. Think sharp, like ice crystals ;)   STEP 3. Time you get your DBZ on, so to speak. Frost's hair is very much like ice crystals, but it's also very much like some serious Super Saiyan hair. Fun to draw. Have the points curve up and toward the center. The overlapping point in the center curves in the opposite direction of the top spike. This breaks up the shape of the hair and prevents it from looking flat.   STEP 4. Eyes, ears and details on the face mask. Flick the eyebrows and eyelashes up on the outside to give her a bit of a wild look.   STEP 5. A lot of instructional books and tutorials will tell you not to detail the tendons in a woman's neck, but I disagree. I think they look cool. The main muscles of the neck you notice from most front angles are the sterno-cleido mastoids. Actually, that should probably be one word: sternocleidomastoids. Ugh. Anyway, that means the muscles run from the STERNUM (the center of your chest, starting between the collar bones) and the MASTOID PROCESS, which is is the bump on your skull behind your ears. Anyway, rather than outlining the entire muscles, break up the lines to give them some dimension.   STEP 6. Chest vest. I don't know what this ninja vest is called, but pretty much all of the Mortal Kombat ninjas have some variation of this outfit. Since Frost is supposed to be sexy, have the main "V" shape curve underneath the breasts and then travel down the stomach toward the belt and loin cloth.   STEP 7. Now we'll draw in the arms. They're in a fairly relaxed pose with the elbows close to her sides. Keep her hands open for some ice-wielding powers later. The underside of the arm tends to have a more basic curve, while the outside of the upper and lower arm can have more "S" curves and whatnot. This isn't an absolute rule, but it's something to look for. So if you get caught staring at some girl, just tell her you were determining the curvature of her outer arms... or something like that. *cough* Ok, anyway... add some wrinkles around the elbows, as Frost will be wearing some long, latex gloves.   STEP 8. Here we'll outline the torso and the main curves of the legs. You want long, smooth curves, here. This is not the time to get sketchy. If your line is too wobbly or sketchy, just erase and redraw it. I've simplified a bit, here. Notice how the line from the waist travels over the hip on the outside and down to the knee. While not always anatomical accurate, this is a good shortcut for drawing women's legs in a basic standing pose. The inside of the thigh will show more musculature, so it's basically like there's one bump on the outside, and two on the inside -- plus the knee. So I guess that makes three. The loin cloth is partially covering the top "bump" here, but you should be able to get the general idea.   STEP 9. Use some nice, S-curves to finish up the legs, and cap off the feet. Notice the single "bump" on the outside of the thigh, opposite from the two muscle bumps and knee on the inner thigh. Of course, this is for a front angle. A side view of the leg gives you all new shapes and curves to consider.   STEP 10. Start detailing the gloves and add the sash/cloth thing wrapped around her thigh.   STEP 11. Frost's outfit has a LOT of decorative seams all over the place, but you could really mess up your work by drawing them all. Pick and choose some of the major lines, just to give an indication of that complex detail.   STEP 12. Drawing in the designs on the vest and loin cloth. Again, I've simplified these from the original concept art.   STEP 13. Carry the seam lines down into the lower legs. Now's a good time to add the flowing cloth, tied to her thigh with a knot. Time to add some irises to her eyes, too.   STEP 14. The pose is good, but we need a little something else to punch it up a bit. For some frozen energy balls around her hands, start with a circle and a vertical squiggle. From there, you can use smooth curves to either give them a fire-y look (on the right) or a swirly, windy look (on the left). Include the rising streams of mist in the outline of the energy balls. If you draw a ball and then attach the steam on top, it can look flat. This open look makes everything work together visually. Add some floating clumps of snow-stuff or dissipating energy.   STEP 15. Here's the finished line art. I lightened up the energy balls a bit, and it actually looks pretty good. If you're working in pencil, you can lightly erase your lines to achieve a similar effect. If you're inking this, you might want to consider doing the energy lines in colored ink, or even using markers. Test out any inks or markers on a separate piece of the same type of paper before doing your final inks, though. You don't want the colors to bleed out and ruin your drawing. That's happened to me. It's not fun.   STEP 16. ...and the finished colors! That's it for Frost. She was pretty fun to work on. I hope you guys enjoyed following along. Hey, we drew a Mortal Kombat female and avoided obscene cleavage! I feel rather proud for some reason. Anyway, more MK characters will be on their way soon. Keep hitting me up with your requests. I do see them. 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