How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3

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How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 2

How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 3

How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 4

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How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 9

How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 10

How to Draw Nathan Drake, Uncharted 3 11

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STEP 1. Ok, basic guide lines, here. Nathan Drake isn't a massive, body-builder type of guy, so we're going to use slightly smaller proportions than what I usually use for male characters. The head will be a bit bigger on the body, for example. I'm using a basic standing pose so we can get all the costume details drawn up properly.   STEP 2. We'll start off the actual drawing with the face and hair. Please get some reference images of this guy. Drawing likenesses from memory is very difficult. Drawing them from someone else's drawing isn't much easier. Anyway, typical "perfect" facial proportions on this guy. I kept the eyes open and pretty simple, since we're using rather thick lines. If you're using a smaller line, feel free to add more detail.   STEP 3. I decided to go ahead and use some thinner lines on the face and hair details. Again, though, I'm keeping the shapes open. No need to outline the entire nose, or both entire lips, etc... With the face drawn, we can start to loosen up with the drawing.   STEP 4. Here we'll draw the scarf around Drake's neck. I was going to have the loose part just hanging down his chest, but the promotional artwork has it blowing in the wind, and that's much cooler ;)   STEP 5. One shoulder is slightly closer to us, so we'll draw the holster on that side of the body first. The entire shape curves in the direction he's facing. At this point I intended to have him holding the hand gun, but I messed up and gave him a rifle instead. We'll just say he lost the hand gun somewhere in his adventure.   STEP 6. Nate has a wide strap crossing over his chest. For now we just want to get the basic outline, and some of the wrinkles and whatnot at the shoulder. Let's go ahead and start the second holster strap now as well.   STEP 7. Normally I'd never draw this many wrinkles on a shirt arm, but this character drawing pretty much requires it. Let's assume we're viewing the figure from about waist-level. That means horizontal lines above the waist will actually curve upward. That'll be the case for all those arm wrinkles. Keep in mind they're wrapping around the cylinder shape of the arm. When in doubt, put a long-sleeved shirt on and look at yourself in the mirror for reference. The sleeves stop at mid-forearm.   STEP 8. Draw in the forearm and open hand. Then close in the side of Drake's torso with some more wrinkled fabric.   STEP 9. Start the chest area by outlining the bottom of the shirt. Part rests above the belt on one side. The rest hangs down. That basic S-curve will dictate where the main wrinkles will go. Work your way up the torso, using fewer wrinkles as you get higher up. You only need a few wrinkles here and there to indicate his chest muscles. Finish up the second holster.   STEP 10. Repeat the earlier steps to draw the second arm. Remember you're drawing the inside of the forearm, so there will be different shapes and details.   STEP 11. Here's that shotgun/rifle thing I was talking about. I should really learn more about guns. In any case, we're keeping it very simple here. Grab some reference for whatever type of weapon you decide to draw... or feel free to draw an open hand.   STEP 12. Let's add some basic detail to give that gun just a little more life. Then we can start adding the bullet pouches on Drake's chest strap. Each pocket holds four shells. Is that the right term? Shells? *shakes head*   STEP 13. Nathan's wearing some pretty baggy pants, with lots of wrinkles. Start by drawing the fly, down to the crotch. Most of the main wrinkles spread out from the crotch area, kind of like a spider web.   STEP 14. The crotch wrinkles dictate most of the wrinkles running down the leg, past the knees. When the fabric bunches up on top of the shoes, it creates a new set of "blobbier" looking wrinkles.   STEP 15. Draw in the boots, and give them some serious weathering. Dust, scratches, etc... We can also add some of that over the entire figure. Don't go too nuts, though. Add some pockets and seam lines on the pants.   STEP 16. ..and that's it! This guy was fairly challenging to draw. Since we see normal clothing every day, it's easy to pick out when something's been drawn incorrectly. As I said before, never hesitate to look in the mirror or have someone model for you to give your drawing that extra bit of realism. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if there are any other video game characters you'd like to see a tutorial for. Thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.