How to Draw Royce Gracie, Royce Gracie

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STEP 1. Let's begin drawing the guidelines to start off with any tutorial. Everything needs a basis frame in order to start molding within it. Make sure you sketch the guidelines that will proportion the face correctly.   STEP 2. Then, because Royce has a structured face, we'll draw varied inclines around the face. This step is very important, and notice how the lines work around the guidelines.   STEP 3. Then, working slowly with the steps, we'll start sketching the facials for Royce. Royce's eyes are slanted at the ends, which is part of the trademark of his look. Royce's nose is also very narrow.   STEP 4. The pupils for Royce are solid black, like that of an Asian. The brows should be dispersed in the correct areas in order to make this figure look like Gracie. Sketch the lips, staying in a similar form of the surrounding face shape.   STEP 5. Next, we'll sketch the form of the hair, and the light strokes which taper into the hairline.   STEP 6. Now, as you can see the advantage we have of drawn a correctly proportioned head, and neck. We can evenly sketch the neck as well as the collar of his robe. Use thin line weights for inner detailing.   STEP 7. Lastly, we'll sketch the fist, knuckle by knuckle. I ALWAYS start with the index knuckle and work my way down like a tree. After the knuckles are drawn, finish by drawing the thumb and palm.   STEP 8. With further tweaks and proof checking your drawing, you should have something similar to these lines. If you wish to challenge yourself, color your drawing or ink out the lines like shown above. If you prefer digitally coloring your art, use the techniques presented below.   STEP 9. Alright, I'm going to bluntly say, if you have a digital program, and you've used this tutorial; make sure you ink out your finished drawing using a reliable digital program like Photoshop. You'll want to fill the entire inside of the drawing with a color similar to your reference picture. That is what I simply preformed here. I inked out my sketch of Royce, and color picked the reference image I used to get my flats like so. After this, you'll want to lock transparency of the internal part of this painting.   STEP 10. Next, I take a 50% opacity brush, and work in mid-tone shadows first, NEVER the darkest shadows! I like to paint the skin first, before I move onto the hair and clothes. Brush in the semi-dark spots of the face, keeping an eye on your reference to make sure everything is flowing along fluently.   STEP 11. Next, following along my lines (which are currently my guides for the future paints), I'm going to get a darker shadow to paint in the darker parts of the face. What I'm doing is, gradually using darker tones that will mesh with one another, creating a painted texture. Go ahead and get a highlight color which substitutes the lighting of your reference. Keep in mind where to place your shadows and highlights harmoniously. As you can see, I roughly painted the brows and eye for Royce.   STEP 12. Then, I proceed using the steps previously shown, to color in the rest of his face. The lips in this step seem strange, but I fixed those later on. Remember to use your highlights sparingly. DO NOT overdo highlights, as they can have a garnish - inaccurate effect.   STEP 13. Next, I color picked the hair color for Royce, which I now applied to the brows, also defining them a lot more with thin - careful painted strokes. The eyes are nearly the same color tone as the hair and brows, with sparse highlights.   STEP 14. Lastly, I define my painting more, color in his robe roughly, and define the paints on his face a bit better. Once my painting is complete, I duplicate this layer, set it onto my main paints layer, overlay it, and then tweak the background/foreground colors. Finally, I use the 'Sharpen' effect in Photoshop to intensify the colors as well as defining the shapes.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14.