How to Draw Cute Love, Cute Love

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STEP 1. This lesson might seem long, but its only because you are drawing two characters in one shot. The first thing that you need to do is draw out the shapes of the heads like so, and then draw in their body guides.   STEP 2. Since the boy figure is on the left side, you will begin working on him first. Start with drawing the hair or whole top half of his head. Make the pointed bangs like so, and draw the small arches for his eyes.   STEP 3. Next draw out the kids face like so, and then draw out his ear, scarf, and then add some detailing on the scarf as well as on the scarf. Notice how I gave this boy an earring.   STEP 4. The boy is basically all done as far as head and face goes. We will now turn our attention to the female figure in this lesson. Begin by drawing the shape of her face, and then you can sketch out her side bang which is very soft looking. Draw in a cute headband and be sure to draw your own design, or you can use the skull-tie on the headband. Add some hair strand detailing and move along people.   STEP 5. Continue to work on the girl by drawing the length of her hair. Add some detailing to her locks, and then draw a thick slightly arched line for her eye. Don't forget the dot for her mouth.   STEP 6. The two figures faces are drawn fully in which means you are ready to tackle the bodies. Start with the boy. Begin by drawing the shoulder and move down to make his arm and eventually hand which is spread out on the surface. Draw in some of the torso in the form of a shirt and then lastly, draw in the stripes on the shirt sleeve.   STEP 7. Next, draw in the boys legs which are knee crossed, and then proceed onto drawing in the feet or shoes. Notice the pants have wrinkles on the ends to show the looseness of the pant style.   STEP 8. You are almost done guys just a little more ways to go. You will finish drawing the hair on the right side, and then draw in the girls torso. You will need to draw her arms, and then some bumps for the chest. Add some stripes on the shirt and move along.   STEP 9. Finish up the body by drawing the rest of the arm and hand. Draw her leg which is only her thigh because she is kneeling. Finish the stripes on her sleeve, and then draw in her pleated skirt. Clean up the mistakes and guides, then move along to see how your work should look.   STEP 10. Well guys it was fun. I hope you enjoyed this lesson as we learned how to draw cute love. Color in your two figures and then post your work if you can.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.