How to Draw a Chinese Sky Dragon

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STEP 1. So first draw a circle which will be the head. Then make a big "S" shape which will soon be the body. Afterwards, draw 4 smaller circles, 2 close to the head and 2 close to the rear of the body. These will be the shoulders of the dragon. Finally draw lines from the shoulder circles that outline the position of the legs.   STEP 2. Now, draw the basic shape of the head and the eye. Draw the body around the big "S" shape you did in step 1. Then draw the shape of the legs around the lines coming off the shoulder circles that you also drew in step 1. Then finally draw rectangles for the fingers.   STEP 3. Now, draw the shape of the nose and don't forget the whiskers coming off it. Outline the mouth with some sort of lips and make the snout wrinkly. Then add the teeth in the mouth and have the tongue coming out of it. Afterwards draw the horns on the back of the head and then put claws on the end of the fingers and toes.   STEP 4. First draw the underbelly of the dragon which resembles some kind of armored plates overlapping each other. Then add the sharp row of spines going down the back all the way to the tail. Then move back up to the head and draw the hair on the back of the head, then on the knees and elbows. Finally finish up with the hair on the tail.   STEP 5. Now, draw theses swirly things on the elbows and knees. I don't know what they are besides a decorative thing that really isn't necessarily, but looks awesome. Then, draw the scales. Don't draw every single scale, but draw groups of scales and it will generate the effect that you actually had drawn all the scales. Also, make the scales smaller on the face than on the body.   STEP 6. Finally, draw all the clouds in. I did this by hand which took almost as long as the scales did. But if there are other ways of putting clouds there, feel free to do whatever you want! I'm not here to judge. Then have fun coloring the dragon any way you like!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.