How to Draw Human Sonic, Anime Sonic

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STEP 1. So this is a very important step. This step illustrates the "motion line" and the lines which will depict the flow of movement for the limbs of this character. Faded, are lines that express what the lines are needed for, leaving no gaps. I would recommend drawing these steps accurately as possible. Don't worry, drawing a perfect circle isn't necessary, but it is also preferred.   STEP 2. Then, we'll start sketching the very basic elements of his face; the hair. The hair should be drawn in a lump sum, to resemble Sonic's spikes. Take your time, and try to restrain yourself from rushing. Once you start rushing, you will fail with future decisions to place your lines.   STEP 3. Next, we'll sketch the goggles in, to add a more 'bubbly' and 'adventurous' character to this anime Sonic. Though this isn't necessary, it's a feature that adds to his character so he looks less bland.   STEP 4. Ok, the fun begins! We'll start sketching the shape for anime Sonic's face! I loved every minute of drawing this part, there was so many styles I wanted to use. Anyways, his eyes should be slanted yet full to create a friendlier appearance than the anime Shadow. The brows should also be drawn thin rather than thickened. Remember, angular features conveys an aggressive and evil character.   STEP 5. Taking each step slowly, we'll start sketching the neck and the collar for his sweater. I wanted to give him a sweater because, like I said before, it takes away the blandness from his character.   STEP 6. The sweater will feature pulled up cuffs and blue bands around his wrists. Sketch the wrinkles of the sweater first, keeping the distance between initial guidelines. Remember, wrinkles only form around an active force, or an area where force is applied.   STEP 7. Then, we shall sketch the clenched fists at either arm. The index finger of each fist should be drawn higher and outwards than the rest of the fingers, only because when you form your fist, the thumb frames the index finger, making it jut upwards. Remember this technique!   STEP 8. We'll further the detail of his sweater, by drawing each side of it proportionately. The body itself is drawn slim to resemble Sonic's body composition. We'll want to take features from the original Hedgehog version and slip it into this design; so you'll know if you've never seen an anime Sonic before, that this is the human version.   STEP 9. Lastly, sketch the legs and the belt which sections off the shirt. I would prefer drawing the belt and frame of the shirt before working on the legs. The belt should be drawn simple, and the line weights of the detailing, thin.   STEP 10. With further work on your drawing, you should end up with something similar to this. I would prefer getting yourself a black marker or pen to ink your lines. Keep in mind to use thick line weights for the framing outside lines, and thin lines for the inner details. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I had too much fun working on it! Peace and love my fellow friends.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.