How To Draw Wolf Jacob

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STEP 1. First you’ll draw 3 circles representing the body and head, and then 3 lines extending off of them representing the appendages. Finally draw what looks to be a squiggly line which will be the rock on which Jacob is standing.   STEP 2. Now flesh out the “skeleton” by drawing the mouth, legs, body and tail as they should appear.   STEP 3. Now put more detail onto the face making the nose pointed and having the mouth halfway open. The eye is a round-open ended triangle with a circle halfway covered inside it. Make sure that it is facing forward and is not too close to the ear or the mouth. The ears are simple triangles with a slight bend in them and the front facing one having little more detail than the further one. Finally draw only three teeth because the 4th can’t be seen.   STEP 4. Now, put more flesh on the front of the chest so it doesn’t appear that he is missing half his neck.   STEP 5. Since wolves have more hair than people do (hopefully) show this by making the lines that outline the body more squiggly to show clumps of hair. Note however that only some parts of the body are really hairy so leave all the other parts alone. After you finish the hair, add contour lines to the rock to give it that “rocky” look that is jagged and hard.   STEP 6. Now add some grass which is really just a bunch of zig-zag lines all connected or in clumps. Once finished with that, draw the outline of the tree and its branches.   STEP 7. Now add width to the tree since trees aren’t really super thin lines coming out of the ground. You can choose to leave it like that and skip the next step and make this a winter scene where the tree has lost its leaves, or you can add leaves which I’ll show how to do later on.   STEP 8. Now outline the branches very vaguely with a squiggly line that has no real shape. Make sure you don’t make the line too close to the branches or else your tree will look strange. This is the outline of the leaves since I am not spending 9 hours drawing 50 million leaves. Also leave gaps in the leaves where there are big spaces between branches. This will give the tree a more life-like appearance.   STEP 9. Now add detail to the trunk of the tree by making lines that go up and down the trunk and littler lines going horizontal. Also add knots in the tree as this will just enhance the life-likeness of the tree.   STEP 10. Then ink it!   STEP 11. Now since I am not very well acquainted with computer painting software, I decided to color this with pencils. First start off by coloring everything with a light layer. Don’t break the pencil pressing so hard right away. Start light and then get gradually darker as you mix colors.   STEP 12. Now add more color and start adding pressure to the pencil to add a darker coat of lead.   STEP 13. Now is when you can really start to push hard. Since Jacob is kind of red instead of the usual gray color, make sure to incorporate some red in there, but not too much or he’ll look more like a fox than a wolf. Also add green to the rock and some light blue to give it more color than just black and white. A little yellow also helps. And make the grass a really bright green; not neon green, but lighter than the tree so there is a little variation in the color scheme of the picture.   STEP 14. Now what I did was add black to darken up the tree, rock and Jacob so I wouldn’t break all my pencils trying to get the right darkness. Be careful not to make anything too dark or it just won’t look right since this is during the day.   STEP 15. Finally color the sky and finish up adding details and such. Here I did use painting software, but that is just because I am lazy and my hand hurt by the end of the day. So continue adding color and details until it looks right, then go and party and watch all your favorite Twilight movies ‘cause you just finished!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15.