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STEP 1. Now, people get rather confused when they are drawing socks on a foot. Sometimes, when one is wearing a sock for a long period of time, the tip will start to sag and look very similar to this. This is great to use for characters who are sloppy, just woke up from bed (still wearing socks), or never change their socks. This technique also applies to oversized socks which are too big for the foot. 1) where the foot is most active, there will be present wrinkles...all the time. 2) The toe of the sock/foot will always form the shape, generally the toe is the largest peak of a foot. 3) Like I stated previously, if someone is overusing a sock or if it is too big, the fabric will sag off through the tip.   STEP 2. Here is what a sock should look like on a foot. Notice how 1) the ankle will have occurring wrinkling, because there is constant active force at the ankle and curves of a foot. 2) Like I've stated, there will be subtle wrinkles at the crease of the foot or curve; if a sock is too big, the wrinkle would be much larger. 3) There should be moderate wrinkling at the creases of the toes. This is also required since our socks do not seal the visibility of our feet; meaning, you will always see definition of toes.   STEP 3. Here is a basic example on some different foot poses of feet with socks on.   STEP 4. And yet another example of socks in the most simplest form.   STEP 5. Start with a boxy shape for the foot of the sock like so and then draw in the top park of the ankle line.   STEP 6. Draw out the actual foot and leg as well as the toes. This will help you draw the actual sock on the foot.   STEP 7. Outline the foot you just drew with some wavy strokes to make the shape of the sock. Sketch in some wrinkles, folds, and creases as well as the cuff above the ankle. Draw the detailing lines and start cleaning up the sketch.   STEP 8. Here is how your sock looks when you are all done. Color in your socks or draw in another one to make a pair.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.