How to Draw a Worgen, World of Warcraft

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STEP 1. Let's start off with some guide lines. These guides are a little more complex than usual because I've gone for a more dynamic pose. We have a large chest area, and one arm crossing over the entire pelvis and his left leg. His left (upper) arm is partially obscured by his torso, so we'll mainly be drawing the hand and forearm. He'll be squatting and twisting his body a bit. Draw all of this lightly if you're using paper and pencil, so it'll be easier to erase later.   STEP 2. Let's begin the line art with the snout and eye area. I tried to keep the lines as simple as possible, here. Used jagged shapes to indicate fur on the top of the eyebrow. Indicate some muscles on top of the nose/snout area. Draw in the cheekbone, and then the ear. Don't forget to draw the inner detail of the ear, otherwise it'll look flat and overly simple.   STEP 3. Start this step by drawing the teeth. You can start with the large canine teeth, and then base the rest of the teeth off those curves. Try to keep everything rounded on the sides, coming to sharp points at the tips. The teeth should appear to interlock, rather than just having a simple zig-zag pattern. You'll have to overlap the upper lip, but we'll erase that later. Draw in the lower jawbone and give him a little beard action.   STEP 4. For this step we want to draw all the main hair on the top/back of his head, as well as a pair of braids coming down in front of the ears. The hair is a series of curvy triangle shapes. Each individual line is drawn like an "S." At least, try to do that as much as possible, to make it seem like the fur is flowing in the air a bit. The braids are just a series of heart-like shapes overlapping each other. Begin close to the ear, and work your way to the tip, leaving the end bushy. Give these braids a curvy shape to show them blowing in the wind.   STEP 5. Let's skip the neck for now and draw the chest instead. The most important thing here is to learn where the bones and muscles go. Once you understand that, you can start messing around with the size, shape and position of the details. Check out some body building photos for a character as muscular as this, or perhaps some pro wrestlers. The chest has a large curve to it, so be mindful of that when you draw the muscles. Everything matches up horizontally on the figure itself, but not with the paper or image area.   STEP 6. Now we'll draw the neck and upper arms. Remember the neck muscles attach at the top center of the chest, and go up to just below the ears. From this angle we'll also see the front of the neck, which also runs from the top center of the chest (between the collar bones) to just behind the chin bone. There are different angles on the shoulder and arm muscles, so try to grab some reference. You can even look in a mirror to get the basic idea of how to draw it.   STEP 7. Now it's time for some serious action. The Worgen hands are large -- cartoonishly large. We'll have the forearm go right into the hand, instead of having a skinny wrist. Check your anatomy on the forearm muscles. Draw some fur on the outline of the arm. Indicate the wrist with some skin folds. Draw large, square knuckles and indicate the hand bones. Three fingers and one thumb. Keep the middle finger straight, and have the other fingers and thumb curve toward the middle finger.   STEP 8. It can be scary to draw hands sometimes when it's not a fist or open palm. This is somewhere in between, and we have different layers of detail. The best reference you can find is literally right in your own hands. Look at your hand and draw what you see. Yes, we're exaggerating the sizes and shapes a bit, but the basic structure has to look right. Don't be afraid to make changes if it looks wrong. Keep it simple. Just be mindful of the anatomy.   STEP 9. Draw fur on the outer edge of the thighs. Keep the knees chunky and draw large, rounded muscles inside the leg. Check your anatomy. If you don't know all the minor details of leg anatomy, stick to the basic muscle shapes of the quads and hamstrings. We can also draw the lower belly and some wrinkle for the hip joint.   STEP 10. The large, cartoonish feet are similar to the hands in a way. Three main toes with an extra toe claw on the inside. Draw fur on the top of the foot, and the back ankle joint. From this angle, the overlapping of the toes is important. Large toes can easily obscure smaller toes. Don't feel you have to show every toe, but at the same time, don't be lazy and try to hide all the toes with one giant toe. In this picture, most of one foot is covered up, but we should still try to show part of the foot. Figure out how the leg would be draw if the arm weren't covering it up.   STEP 11. Let's draw a simple background. Rocky ground for him to stand on. A simple mountain range in the distance, and a few clouds. I added a little detail to the eyebrow and ribs, some extra shadow beneath the chest muscles, and a few other details here and there. Now you can go back and erase the overlapping line on the giant tooth.   STEP 12. The finished inks. Nice, bold line art. Dynamic pose. The background is a little cluttered, so I would use suggest using thinner lines on the mountains and clouds if you don't intend to color this.   STEP 13. Here's another copy of the colored image, without the addition of red fur. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. It was fun to draw. Post a scan or photo of your drawing when you're finished. Thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.