How to Draw a Female Face

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STEP 1. So, here I show the best way to make a perfect circle and dead-on line. Once you've drawn the many circles on top of each other (for which you won't lift your pencil--just keep drawing circles!!) then just erase until you've got a nice circle!! Make sure you draw LIGHTLY.   STEP 2. Now that you've learned to draw circles and lines, you'll use that for this step. Start out with a circle and a curved line. The line should be placed about 1/3 from the left of the circle, and should almost follow the curve of the circle. The line should hang off of the circle a little, and the overhang should equal (approximately) half of the radius of the circle.   STEP 3. Now, you add the chin and the guidelines for the eyes. Unfortunately, (I apologize) I did a HORRIBLE job on the eyes for this tut. Do the eyes however you want, but make sure you place the guidelines. They're extremely helpful. Remember: the tip of the chin should be at the end of the line you originally drew.   STEP 4. Now: add on circles that will become the shoulders and sketch in the eyes. Don't forget the guidelines. They're very important!! Sketch in a couple of lines for the neck. Also: Depending on the size of the circles and the distance apart you put them, you could make the character be turning their head or looking straight forward. The entire stance essentially depends on the two shoulders. Please note this is where you would usually sketch in ears, but I'm going to cover where they would be with hair, so I'm not even bothering.   STEP 5. Now, you will sketch in from the shoulders down. This is also when I suggest to get rid of the eye guidelines but NOT the center line. Sketch in the bangs of the hair however you'd like.   STEP 6. NOW is when you can erase the center line. This is also where you will sketch in the rest of the hair. I personally like to add a bit of a breeze when I'm doing this view. :) You can also erase any of the original lines that are being overlapped by the bangs and the shoulder guiding circles.   STEP 7. Here's where you will add in the accessories and details, such as a ribbon and her shirt. Also, add the shines of the eyes here and her eyebrows.   STEP 8. As an extra step: Add in the folds in her clothes, the blush under her eyes and a few extra lines in her hair to show strands.   STEP 9. Fix any lines that need some tweaking, and you're done! I hope you enjoyed drawing this!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.