How to Draw a Shy Anime Girl

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STEP 1. So, for this tut, I'm gonna skip past the circle and line stuff. So, draw a circle with a line, but draw in the chin and your guidelines for the eyes. Make sure you put the tip of the chin wherever you stopped the center line.   STEP 2. Now, sketch in the eyes, ears and two circles for the shoulders. Make a line connecting these circles so that you have no mistake of the direction she will be facing. Don't worry about any of the details in the ear for now.   STEP 3. Draw in the shoulders and place two lines where the hair will part. (Or, if you decide to do bangs, this is where you would sketch in the bangs) This will be the basis for all of her hair, so place those lines carefully. When doing the shoulders, try to vision a real person and how far away and slanted their shoulders would be if they were standing like this.   STEP 4. I'm sorry I couldn't break this down into more steps, but it would take too long. Draw in the rest of the hair how you'd like. Remember, she's shy. I chose to make her hair on the verge of covering her eyes.   STEP 5. Now erase any lines you need to and draw in the rest of the body. Remember: She's not going to have a lot of movement in terms of her arms. She's shy. Reserved. Try to make her seem as small as possible without going out of proportion. (If that makes any sense...)   STEP 6. Draw in her shirt and her eyebrows. Eyebrows should be slanted down slightly-relaxed. Draw in the nose and mouth now as well.   STEP 7. Draw in some extra stuff, such as a necklace, which is what I chose to add here. Also add in the shines of her eyes. If you so choose, also add in any lines that you wish to in her hair to break it up a bit.   STEP 8. Now that everything else is set, simply draw in any hair below her shoulders that you want to/missed.   STEP 9. Congrats!! You've learned to draw a shy girl. Remember when coloring: Add some blush to her cheeks to add to the effect. Also, don't use bright, bold colors. Try to tone it down a bit. It will add to the effect of her shy personality. Happy drawing, everybody!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.