How to Draw Female Anime Eyes

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STEP 1. To create a cute and bubbly looking eye you will need to add soft shading and some form of light source to add detailing and definition. Remember to include the typical slanted curve lines to shape out the anime eye. This is a traditional technique which actually forms the look. Also, to create that shine appeal, you will need to add some white paints that overlaps the iris and pupil. For a better detailed description of this tip, just read the step.   STEP 2. In order to shape out a sexy female anime eye the flow line should be as you desire. If you want a more seductive sinister eye, lower the top lid and add contouring lines. The pupil of a sexy eye is mainly dilated to form the illusion of seductiveness while remaining bubbly.   STEP 3. Seductive Eyes| As explained above, this is a simple demonstration on how the seductive and 'tired' an eye can get for female characters. 1) The normal and awakened eye, would be great for any type of character (or a mix to be unique); this eye is equal in lash, eyelids, and pupil/iris spacing. 2) The eye has more lid spacing, overlapping half of the iris and pupil. These would be perfect for a tired, seductive, or bored expression. 3) The exceeded amount of lid in this eye would be perfect (and no further!). If you decide to make the eyes have lots more lid space, prepare for a stoned looking character, almost comedic-like. This would be fitting for a very tired character, and doesn't really convey much of sexiness; since it looks way too tired and unfocused.   STEP 4. Eyelash Tips| Now, lots of folks tend to draw the lashes for a female eye flat and too straight. I'd like to spice mine up with a bit of realistic measures, by creating and 'outward flow' which curves deliberately at the tips. REFERENCE real eyes and try to pinpoint slices of characteristic you'd like to integrate into your own style.   STEP 5. Shadow Breakdown| Here's my basic breakdown on how I shade and highlight anime eyes. I start off with the simplest upper lid which dictates my next move wisely. I go ahead and add the inner iris and lower lid to add depth. Then, coloring around a previously framed highlight, I blur the solid white to get a faded effect. Erase out parts of white (or if drawing with pencil, use 'Whiteout' or white paint to add white highlights). This also dictates where my light source is coming from. You don't want to add too much whites! Finishing my eye, I go ahead and add longer lashes to create a more feminine look. It's that easy!   STEP 6. Referencing and Diversity| It's best to reference various anime eyes and artist styles in order to evolve your own. Every budding artist (from music to film making) gets inspired by a style before morphing their own. It's inspiration that drives an artist's eye. Experimenting is also very important to your diet as well as practicing. Try sketching a certain way or using various tones of highlighting and line weights to create your own unique style!   STEP 7. Let us begin the drawing process. You will fist begin by drawing the lines for the lids of each female anime eye design or style. You can choose to draw all of them, or just the ones you want to use on your female characters.   STEP 8. Here you will begin drawing out the actual shapes of the pupils, and iris'. Some of the eyes have bottom lid lines and lashes and others don't. Draw in the highlight shapes for each eye like so, and then move along to step nine.   STEP 9. Color in the pupils on the three female style anime eyes like you see here and be sure to take your time so they come out right.   STEP 10. For the other eyes color in the pupils using the lighter shading technique. Add some more detailing to all of the eyes on the white of the eye like so, and move along when you feel that you are happy with your results.   STEP 11. There's two ways you can sketch the surrounding iris, strategically. 1) is the basic hatching which is most common for quick sketchers. I use this quite often before I color or shade in advanced detail. 2) is crosshatching which is used often during sketching as well. This would be best used at the base of the upper lid before hatching downwards.   STEP 12. For the last drawing step, simply add the lashes, and crease or fold lines on the eyes. Once you feel that your eyes have enough texture, detailing and definition, you can begin cleaning up your work.   STEP 13. When all is said and done your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did making it. Boy did I miss drawing anime.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.