How to Draw Anime Male Eyes

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STEP 1. Where To Shade a Male Eye| Each pointer will dictate where to shade a male anime eye, and how to make it pop to look masculine or have some sort of definition.   STEP 2. Old Vs. Young Male Eyes| The above pair of male eyes are aged and have more definition and brow thickness than the lower pair of eyes which are that of a young man. Notice how the young eyes have visible lashes and thicker framed lower and upper lids. When drawing old eyes, it's best to add wrinkled details beneath the lower lids, in between the brows, and smaller pupils.   STEP 3. Eyebrow Varieties| 1) This is the most common eyebrow thickness for anime characters seen in current media. Watch how each individual eye progresses to change with just slight adjustments in the brows. 2) This is the moderate brow thickness which causes an affect on the eye, making it appear to have a more masculine characteristic. 3) This is an exceedingly large amount of brow thickness, creating a tough and very manly appearance. There is also noticeably changed features to add definition to the overall eye. This would look best with old, tough, or full figured characters.   STEP 4. Pupil Varieties| Just the size of a pupil given a certain amount of space can create drastic effects to varied styled eyes. 1) With lots of surrounding space around the pupil, this eye looks 'empty' or 'serious'. Watch how each eye adjusts to the various changes in pupil and space limitations. 2) This pupil is more fluent and common in most male eyes. 3) The larger the pupil, the younger the eye will appear. Given limited space and a large pupil, the eye yields a younger appearance.   STEP 5. Feminine Male Eyes| Feminine eyes yield a very sinister or mischievous character appearance. They can have various amounts of lashes to range in femininity. With *Set 1*, we have the less narrow and thickened upper and lower lids. With the eye on the right, having a large pupil and iris, it looks naive and childish. *Set 2* Are masculine yet feminine eyes which convey a more tough or mysterious character appearance. All in all, varying with diverse types of eye styles create a truly unique creation.   STEP 6. Lash Varieties| This is just an example on how eyelashes can take an effect on the overall appearance. 1) This is a normal masculine eye without any lash definition. 2) We have the eye with a noticeable amount of lash definition, making it seem very feminine. 3) With more lid spacing and an excessive amount of lashes, we have the mysterious and ominous look.   STEP 7. Young Boy Eyes| Now, the difference with kind and welcoming eyes, are the curves and bulkiness. Notice how a child's eyes seem very circular rather than angular like the pairs we've seen above. Also, the highlights in these eyes are very prominent and there tends to be lots of highlight definition unlike very masculine ones. Remember, experiment and practice are keys to success!   STEP 8. Start by drawing the first lines for your male anime eyes which is the top lids. The ends should have scuffs or the look of roughness. You can choose to draw all the eyes you see here, or you can choose to pick the ones you want to use.   STEP 9. For the next step to drawing anime male eyes, you will need to sketch out the actual shape of the eye itself where the pupils, and eyeballs are formed. Start by drawing the iris of the eyes, and then color in the pupils. Add some detailing accordingly.   STEP 10. As you know male anime characters have many types of expressive eyes which means the eyebrows have to be drawn in to accommodate the look you are going for. When you want to draw a sinister, seductive or sexy eye the eyebrows are usually thinned out and flat looking. For a bold personality or for a look of seriousness, the eyebrows tend to have more shape and thickness. Once the eyebrows are drawn in, you can then add some shading inside of the eyes like you see here, and then draw some crease lines above the eyelids. There are also some bottom lashes on some of the eyes as well.   STEP 11. When all is cleaned up here is what the finished results look like in a blue instructive tone.   STEP 12. And here are the same eyes blacked out looking like they would on a typical male anime character. I hope you found this tutorial helpful because that is exactly what I was going for.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.