How to Draw Hair For Kids

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STEP 1. For the first step you will need to make a circle for your head that you will be drawing the hair on.   STEP 2. Next, let's make a simple looking face structure by drawing out the top of the head, and then draw the shape of the face. You will also need to draw in an ear and then color in two eyes, and a mouth like so.   STEP 3. Notice how I explain that the shape of a person's head needs to be round, not flat, square, or triangular, just round.   STEP 4. Using the face guide that you just made, choose from the styles you see here, or you can go ahead and draw them all. You will start by drawing the bangs and or top parts of the hairstyle.   STEP 5. When drawing hair, always make sure that you leave a gap between the actual line of the scalp from the hair. This will create a full head of hair effect just by raising the hair lining a bit.   STEP 6. Continue the drawing process by drawing the back part of the hairstyle as well as the length. If you are drawing a straight style, all you have to do is make swift lines in a downward manner. If the hair you are drawing is bouncy or curly, you will need to add some contouring lines and curls. For the boys, as you can see it's pretty basic.   STEP 7. For my final tip, I show the motion of how curly or springy looking hair should be drawn. As you can see the outer lining of the hair is raised, and sloped inward as well. The ends of the curls should come out, and then the relaxed curls should dip inward.   STEP 8. After you clean everything up, the hairstyle that you chose to draw should come out looking like one of the six, or all six like you see here. Color in your new style, and I hope you had fun with creating a whole new head, or heads of hair.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.