How to Draw a Mothra Larva

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STEP 1. Ok, let's begin with some guide lines. Draw circle for the head and a smaller circle for the mouth pincers. Add a couple of dots for eyes. Then draw long curves for the underbelly. Wow, this reminds me of a Pokemon or something...   STEP 2. We'll start the line art by drawing some of the facial details. First draw two open oval shapes for the eye sockets. Draw another horizontal oval shape for the top of the mouth or beak. Beneath that, draw another oval for the front and sides of the beak. Then go back and outline the tiny eyeballs.   STEP 3. Next we'll draw the bulk of the head. Notice how the lumps correspond with and wrap around the shape of the eye sockets. There are a couple of large lumps on the top of the head.   STEP 4. Start this step by drawing the pincer on each side of the mouth. You can draw some extra wrinkles at the base of each pincer. Then draw the larva's chin and finish up the left cheek.   STEP 5. Now we'll go in and add some of the finer facial details. These are very simplified from the original design. Draw a zigzag for the center mouth where the beak sections meet up. Add some wrinkles around the beak area. Draw a rough U-shape between the eye socket for a depression in the skull. Beneath that, drop in some dots for dimples.   STEP 6. Begin this step by drawing in the legs behind that are closest to us. These are tiny now, but they'll grow into the full-sized legs on the fully grown Mothra. The base of each leg lays along the guide line for the edge of the underbelly. Next go up and draw large curves for the bulbous sections of the back of the neck.   STEP 7. Next we'll draw the scaley shapes that run along the sides of the belly. They run from the legs to the end of the tail. Note how the curve grow smaller as the tail recedes into the background.   STEP 8. Now we'll go in and continue the bulbous sections of the larva's back. Just keep using those large C-curves. Try to match the bottoms of your curves to the tops of the lines for the scales below. Round off the end of the tail for now.   STEP 9. Next let's go back and finish some of the main details. Draw in the legs on the opposite side of the body. Then use some small curves to outline the underbelly. Near the end of the tail we'll draw some more round curves to flesh out those bulbous shapes.   STEP 10. For this step we'll mainly be continuing the patterns along the side back end of the tail. When you're finished with that, draw a pincer-like shape at the end of the tail. There are actually three "prongs" here, but only two of them are really visible. We'll add just the tip of the third prong peeking out between the other two. Move back to the "chest" area and draw in some horizontal wrinkles between the two sets of legs. Below that we'll draw two rows of dots to indicate little sucker holes.   STEP 11. One small final step. Using small dash lines, let's add some wrinkles around the eyeballs, on the face pincers/mandibles, and we'll use the same lines to add texture to those scales along the sides of the underbelly. That should wrap it up.   STEP 12. The simple inks. I suppose this could have been even simpler, but there are a lot of details I wouldn't want to lose when drawing a character like this. These guys show up quite a bit in the Mothra and Godzilla movies and they can be a lot of fun.   STEP 13. ...and for those who so desire, you can use the drawing in Step 12 as a base for a more detailed rendering of the character. When it comes to drawing something like this, Step 12 is really a good example of what one of my actual underdrawings would look like. It's important to get all the main shapes blocked in before going nuts with detail. Once the base is drawn, you can kind of relax and let your hand work on auto pilot. In any case, that's it for the Mothra Larva (for now!). I encourage you to use these steps as inspiration to create your own crazy monster characters. Just switch up the details and add some of your own original ideas to the mix. Ok, time to wrap it up. Hope you all enjoyed. Thanks for viewing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.