How to Draw Chibi Pocahontas

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STEP 1. Let us begin our journey to drawing chibi Pocahontas. Start by making a large circle for her head and then draw in the guidelines for the torso, arms, and face. End this step by drawing the pelvic or hip area.   STEP 2. Thicken the lining you drew in for her head to shape out her face. Incorporate an ear, and then sketch in the inner ear detailing as well as the side burn for part of her hair creation.   STEP 3. Using the facial guides you made in step one, draw thick, dark top lid lines for her eyes. Make the shapes of her after that, and then draw in the iris'. Make pointed short eyebrows like so and then a scratch of a line for her nose.   STEP 4. Let's get started with her body. You will begin by drawing her arms, and then draw the simple outlined shape of her body. The bottom of her clothing should form a V and there should be some material notches as well for the fringe. Make small nub bumps for the fingers and move along.   STEP 5. Here is where you will tackle the task of drawing her dress fringe and detailing. Before we begin though, you will need to draw her necklace which her mother gave her. After that, draw the top line followed by the hanging fringe. Draw in a waist line and then sketch in the creases on her dress as well as the detailing for the bottom fringe.   STEP 6. Draw in the tree trunk stubby legs like so, and make some lines at the base of each leg to form a foot. These lines are for her toes.   STEP 7. Lastly my favorite part, draw Pocahontas' hair to perfection. She has beautiful hair that should be drawn in just right even though this is just a chibi version of her. Every chibi character must maintain a certain characteristics about the figure you are trying to replicate. This would be it for this chibi. When you are done drawing the long straight hair style which should also be blowing or swaying to the left, draw in the vertical lines for her hair detailing or strands. Clean up your drawing so you have a nice finished sketch to color in.   STEP 8. Here is how the beautiful Pocahontas should look when you are done drawing her in chibi form. Color in your work and show folks what you have done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.