How to Draw USMC, Marine Tattoo

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STEP 1. As you can see, you will be drawing the USMC bulldog. Begin with a circle for the head guide, and then sketch in the facial guide as well as the horizontal line for your four letters. This will ensure that they come out even with each other.   STEP 2. Okay, start this step by drawing the hat for your bulldog sergeant. Draw the top portion of the hat, and then draw the lid or rim like so. Next, draw the erect ears, and then add a dimple in the hat.   STEP 3. Okay guys, now that the hat and ears are drawn, let's begin sketching out the bulldog's head and face. Start at the side of the head, and then draw the snout. The jowls on a bulldog are very flabby so make sure you draw the jowl in this manner. Add some detailing like so, and then you are ready to proceed on.   STEP 4. Before we start drawing the detailing, let's tackle the task of sketching out the eyes, the mean expressive eyebrows, and then draw the nose. Next, now we can begin sketching the detailing in. Start with the band around the hat, and then sketch the ear definition, as well as all the wrinkles, creases and folds on the face and jowls.   STEP 5. Finish drawing the face by sketching out the bottom jaw. This is a big bowl or cup like shape that has a flipped bottom lip. Draw the other jowl, and then draw in the sharp teeth that makes his snarling grin look even meaner. Add some dark lining around the mouth and give this bulldog a dimple in the chin.   STEP 6. Finish your USMC bulldog by drawing a spiked collar. Take your time and you will do fine.   STEP 7. Using the single line you made for the letters, simply draw the U and S in the fashion that you see them here and color them in.   STEP 8. Lastly, draw the M and C, and then color those letters in as well. Clean up the mistakes and guides and you're done.   STEP 9. Here is the finished drawing when you are done. Color in your Marine tattoo to finish him off.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.