How to Draw Ta Moko Design, Mangopare

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STEP 1. Before we start, here is a breif introduction to koru and kowhaiwhai and a little tip to get started. Koru is what we are going to be using in this tutorial. As you can see, a koru is pretty easy to draw. It is vital to get the proportions even as much as you can. Mine was done quick for the purpopse of this tut. The bottom picture is a little technique I picked up where you draw the koru, add some tranagle shaped(can be any shape) and erase the bits that are needed. If you can do this, Ta moko design will become more easier for you.   STEP 2. We start of with the easy part, drawing the life lines. (I will explain what this design means at the end of the tutorial).   STEP 3. Now we add a koru on each side. Use my technique where you draw the koru first then add the triangle shapes and erase the not needed bits so you end up with what I got. After you have done this, you will now have your first Mangopare, which is the head of a hammerhead shark.   STEP 4. We are now going to add another bigger Mangopare using the same technique as before. So now we should have two Mangopares facing away from eachother.   STEP 5. Now we will add a koru on each side and use my technique so the design looks complete instead of it looking like a half eaten fish. Now we have the base of our Mangopare Design. Here we can either move on to a fill or leave it like this.   STEP 6. Now we have our outline, there are various ways we can improve it. Here we have a basic Ta Moko design, and now we are going to improve it by adding a fill. Note there are alot of different ways to do a fill. Its all up to the artist. For this tutorial I will show you a basic fill.   STEP 7. This fill is pretty easy to do. All you habe to do is follow the outline with a small gap. I normally do it clock wise. So within a triangle, start from a line and work towards the line opposite to it. You then Start again until you have done a rotation within the triangle. Do this to all your triangles.   STEP 8. Now you have done your fill you can have the option to colour it in how you want. Now you should have a completed Ta moko of a Mangopare. Good Stuff! Bit about this design. As you can see the shape of the korus when identical on each side makes the shape of the head of a hammerhead shark (Mangopare). The Mangopare represents Strong will, Strengh and Determination. The life line represents you as a person. Each side of the life line represents family. So here we have Two Mangopares, Life Line and Family. Meaning - You have a strong will and have alot of determination. Your family gives you the strength to take on any obsticle thrown your way. You cherish your family making them your rock. With this Ta Moko your family will always be with you. Strength is the main attribute of the Mangopare.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.