How to Draw Mirai Suenaga

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STEP 1. Start off by making a circle shape for her head guide as well as the lining for her torso and a single facial guideline.   STEP 2. Using the shape you just made in step one, begin sketching out the structure of Mirai's face like so. Notice that she has a pointed chin. Next, draw in her bangs which should be sort of parted and pointed.   STEP 3. Using the facial guideline that you drew in step one, begin drawing out her big pretty eyes starting with the thick, bold top lid lining. Next, draw the oval shapes of her eyeball, and then add some lashes and crease marks under her eyes. You will then add the eyebrows, nose and mouth as well as an X on the side of her head.   STEP 4. Let's keep moving along folks. We will now start working on her torso and to begin this task you will need to draw the shape of her skinny neck which then flows into the teardrop shape of her shirt collar or neck line. Draw in the cute tied bow and you are ready to proceed onto step five.   STEP 5. Here we will be drawing the shoulders as well as the wide floppy style collar that this sailor style outfit is designed with. Once you get the shoulders and collar drawn, you can sketch out the contours of her torso which is very curvy because she has a well formed bust line.   STEP 6. All you have to do here is draw in the ruffled up sleeves as well as some trimming along her shirt collar. Mirai's top is very form fitting which is why her figure shines through.   STEP 7. Add the lining under her shirt like so, and then draw in some seam lines down the sides of her top which will add definition. Draw the arms and sketch in her collar bones.   STEP 8. Lastly, you will draw the rest of her hairstyle. You can do this by drawing the roundness of her head, and then draw in her simple braids as well as the long length of her hair. Add some strand detailing and then you are ready to start cleaning up your drawing to perfection.   STEP 9. Here is what your Danny Choo character looks like once you are all done. Color her in using the proper shades and show folks what and who you have just created.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.