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STEP 1. In this tutorial we will not only be drawing Link in full body, you will also be draw three different types of head shots. Let's begin with making the shapes for the body frame. Start by drawing a circle for the head, and then draw the guidelines for the face, and neck. You will then draw a shield like shape for the torso guide, as well as the shape for his hip area. Next, add an arm line as well as the guideline for his waist that connects the torso to the hips. Add some leg guides as well as foot and hand shapes too. When the frame work is done for Link, draw three more head shapes to the right, or where ever you want. Sketch in facial lining on the inside of each head.   STEP 2. For Link in full body form, draw out the shape of his face, as well as his hair. Draw in the eyebrows, then jump to the heads and begin sketching out the hairstyles for them as well. The head at the bottom is Toon Link so he gets a much simplistic hairdo.   STEP 3. Using the facial guidelines, you will start drawing in Link's eyes, as well as his nose, mouth and ear. When that is done draw the elf style hat he is always wearing, and be sure to color in the pupils in his eyes. As for the head shots, you will need to sketch out the shapes of each face, then draw in the ears and more hair too. Oh yeah, don't forget to sketch in some strand detailing lines to Link's hair on the full body figure.   STEP 4. In each of these steps I will always start with drawing another part of Link to the left of the image. Start by drawing his neck, then draw the collar of his shirt as well as the right shoulder, and sleeve. make the stitch lining to form the sleeve and add some detailing to the cuff as well. You will hide Link's arm by drawing his shield. Now we can move to the heads. Add detailing to their hair, then use the facial guides to draw in the eyes, eyebrows, noses, and mouths. Toon Link is way more easier to recreate then the others because he is in cartoon form. You will also need to sketch in some detailing inside of Link's ear as shown to your here.   STEP 5. We will continue to work on getting Link all drawn out by switching over to the left hand side to draw the other shoulder and sleeve. Once you have gotten the shoulder and sleeve sketched out, you need to add some detailing around his neck and along the collar bone area which is the crease lines for his top. Next, draw the strap that runs across his torso which is the sleeve that holds his sword, then draw the belt and buckle. Move over to the right and draw in the hats to all three Link heads. You can start cleaning up the guides and mistakes on the heads because they are all done.   STEP 6. We will focus on just drawing Link now. Let's finish drawing his arm, then draw in the hand. You will need to also draw the undershirt sleeve, then detail it with bands around the forearm and wrist.   STEP 7. For this step all you have to do is draw in his legs, boots and feet. Link's pants are tucked into the boots which means you will need to make lips around the top to separate the boot from the pants.   STEP 8. Sketch in some stitching detailing to the pants and then add detailing to the boots like so. Once you feel confident that Link looks good, you can start erasing the mistakes to prepare this hero for color.   STEP 9. Here you have a drawing on Link. I hope you found this tutorial useful as well as entertaining.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.