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STEP 1. Now, because these flowers look so similar to roses in the shape and form, we'll begin with a basic circle. Draw the circle lightly on your paper, and try to refrain from using a dark graphite, as well as pressing too hard.   STEP 2. Then, starting from the center, we'll work on the petals that will support the symmetry of the opposite side. This is exactly the same steps I took drawing this flower. I would recommend drawing lightly before attempting to draw the thick lines presented above. You can thicken the lines once you've finished the entire drawing draft.   STEP 3. Then, we'll start sketching the opposite side, enabling us to work on the outer - larger petals with ease. I like working from the center and out, which is how it should be drawn to avoid from smudging, confusion, etc.   STEP 4. Working our way outwards, we'll sketch the largest petals first before moving onward to the smaller ones. I do this because having drawn the larger parts first, makes it easier to evaluate where to place the smaller details later.   STEP 5. To finish the top half of the rose, sketch the rest of the petals, which only frame the bottom. Take your time, and don't rush too because you're nearly finished. (Getting excited to finish leads to mishaps and slop)   STEP 6. Lastly, finish by drawing the leaves and the stem. I would recommend drawing the middle and largest leaf, to the outer ones framing beneath it. to complete the final product, sketch the stem and you should be done with your first draft!   STEP 7. With further revision of your lines and final draft, go over your drawing with black ink or marker. I would prefer using brush pens, but they require skill in order to yield nice smooth and varied line weights. Remember, having variety in your art really makes a difference. I hope you guys enjoyed, take care and let me know how you did!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.