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STEP 1. Let us start off by drawing out a circle shape for Donkey's head. Add one horizontal facial guide like so.   STEP 2. We will now begin drawing the lower half of Donkey Kong's face. This is shaped like a great big apple. Draw the bumps for his nostrils, then add some dashes for the holes.   STEP 3. Next, let's make that great big smile upon his face. Start from one side of the mouth and begin drawing out the open smile. You can do this by making the top mouth line, then make one swoop for the bottom mouth line. Add a dimple under the mouth for added detail.   STEP 4. Yup, you will now draw in the teeth. Make five vertical lines like so, then draw one straight horizontal line across the middle. When you are done you should end up with a set of some nice pearly whites.   STEP 5. As you can see here we will be tackling the task of drawing out the framed portion of Donkey Kong's face. Start by drawing an arbor shaped frame, then make the inner line which will be home to his eyes.   STEP 6. Before drawing Donkey Kong's eyes, let's draw out the shape of his melon of a head. You will also have to incorporate the shapes of his ears which are almost flush with the shaping of his head. Draw the cute little curl on the top like so, then move to step seven where we will finish Donkey off.   STEP 7. Now you can draw out the eyeballs and color in some pupils. Add some inner ear detailing then start erasing your lines and shapes that you made in step one, as well as along the way.   STEP 8. Here he is, all buttoned up and beautiful. Now all that is left to do is color in your work. I hope you enjoyed drawing Donkey Kong in an easy to follow manner.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.