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STEP 1. First I will give you a few tips to show some info on what we are drawing. Here we have four eyes, all differing in shape and size. Chibi is largest, as chibis are usually small in size with huge eyes that stand out.Female anime eyes are round, have thicker eyelashes and circular pupils. Male eyes are moderately thin, with medium sized pupils and a strong silent look about them. Evil eyes are thin, the pupils are thin, red and snake like, and sometimes have wrinkles or creases around them. These don't have any.   STEP 2. Now we start to draw our eyes that were described in the previous step.Please note these are only the right hand side eyes. Evil: Just draw the slanted top Chibi: draw a round oval with a large opening Female: Draw a slightly slanted top of the eye Male: draw the top of the eye, longer and less slanted than evil and female.   STEP 3. Evil: Draw the small bottom of the eye and the tiny pupil. you are done. Chibi: draw a slightly curved line to join the empty part of the oval, leaving a bit over the edge. Draw pupils and highlights Female: draw the bottom of the eye and the actual eye. then draw large highlights and pupils. Male: Draw the bottom of the eye, the pupil and a small highlight.You are finished.   STEP 4. Chibi:Darken the top of the eye and outline. Colour the pupils.You are finished. Female: Darken the top of the eye and add some detail. You are done.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.