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STEP 1. You will begin by drawing the sword tip shape of Zim's head like you see here. At the bottom of each side, draw out his eyes and then make the spiked for the eyebrows.   STEP 2. Finish drawing the face and or head by drawing out the cheeks, and chin. Draw the triangular shape for Zim's collar.   STEP 3. To finish drawing Zim all you have to do is draw out the antenna as well as the thunderbolt line between his forehead. Add the mouth and you're done.   STEP 4. Start the shading process by adding the grayed out base all over Zim's face and head.   STEP 5. Color in the antenna as all as the collar and eyes. You will need to color in these areas using a darker shade of gray which means you will need to press down harder, or use a different number pencil like a 6B.   STEP 6. After you lighten up some areas on his face, you should end up with this type of sketched version of Zim. Otherwise you should have a regular drawn image.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.