How to Draw Bloody Gir

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STEP 1. Draw a line and separate in into 4, roughly the same size.   STEP 2. Draw a big “U” shape that takes up about 2/4 of the top half of the line. Then draw a smaller “U” shape at the 1/4 part, making sure to leave a small gap for the neck. Close “U”s up with a curved line. Then add two vertical lines, on of each side of the guidelines, for the legs.   STEP 3. Add two guidelines, horizontally, across the head, for the eyes. Then add a circle for the antenna, shoulders, and wrist. Then add guide dots for the shape of the legs.   STEP 4. Draw two big circles, using guidelines for eyes. Join antenna circle to head, with a triangular shaped join. Add triangular joins for both arms, from shoulder circle and wrist circle. Add claw shapes for the hands. Using guide dots, join and make legs. Draw a line from where the shoulder ball meets shoulder and joint triangle meets ball. Do this for both arms.   STEP 5. Add curved lines across arms for detail. Draw curved line on head for mouth. Add three vertical lines across it. Draw a rectangle across middle of body and a smaller one across the large one, for the power box. Blend shoulder balls to body by adding lines   STEP 6. Add all the BLOOD. I found it easier starting from the head to legs.   STEP 7. Erase all guide and unnecessary lines and...You have yourself a bloody GIR! Now colour, colour, COLOUR! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, because I sure did! :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.