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STEP 1. Start off by making an oval shape like so, then sketch in the facial guideline.   STEP 2. Using the shape you made previously, begin sketching out the actual shape of Eeyore's muzzle. Make sure that there is bumps of his mouth at the corners like so.   STEP 3. Add the marking line on the muzzle of nose like so, then draw in the smile marks, as well as the nose holes. When that is done you can draw out the sagging shapes of his eyes, then add the eyelids. Don't forget the bags.   STEP 4. Lastly, all you have to do now is draw the long donkey ears, and then give Eeyore some head fuzz. Draw the thick eyebrows that are hiding under his hair, then draw the stitch line vertically down his face. Clean up the mistakes and you're done.   STEP 5. Now that Eeyore is finally drawn in, you can enjoy coloring him in. I hope you had with this tutorial.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.