How to Draw Red XIII, Final Fantasy

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STEP 1. You will be drawing Red XIII's head and half body so let's get started. Begin with a small circle for the head and then follow up this step by making the large outline of the torso. Draw the limb line as well as a small shape for the paw.   STEP 2. Now that we have a guide shape established, we can begin working with it by sketching out the structure of the head and face. Start with making the first line for the top of the head followed by the shapes of the ears which are downward in a serious form. You will then need to draw the cheeks as well as the muzzle. Draw the long strip of hair that falls on the forehead of Red like a lion's mane does.   STEP 3. Some of Red's hair is in a tribal like style. You will first need to draw in some more of the hair that is on the back of the head but in this drawing or step, you can only see it peek through the back. Having said that, draw two spikes of hair, then draw in the two long sections of hair that seem to be tied at the ends or brought together with some sort of bead like band. Draw in the feathers as well as detail them accordingly. Once you have finished that task, you will need to draw in his face. Do this by sketching out the eyes and be sure to give this beast the serious stare you see here. Add a few scars, then draw in the nose, then bottom jaw. Sketch in some detailing where needed until your face and hair looks similar to the one you see in this step.   STEP 4. You are already almost done because all you will need to do next after you finish this step is draw the markings or tattoos on Red's body along with his paws. Let's begin. Start at the back of his head and draw a long high pitched mound for his back and shoulder. You will then draw the short lining for the back, then draw in the front leg as well as the bracelet around the upper part of the ankle. Next, draw the hint of another leg on the right side as well as the neck under the chin and chest. End this step by drawing his hair spiked down the back and head like so.   STEP 5. Lastly, draw the rest of the torso, then draw in all three visible paws including toes. On the bracelet draw the imprinted design then draw the XIII on his upper limb or shoulder like so. Of course I found a way to draw the tattoo backwards, but I will fix that. Erase the mistakes and you're done.   STEP 6. Well that's it, here is Red XIII when you have completed your drawing. Now you can tackle the task of coloring him in.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.