How to Draw Austin Mahone

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STEP 1. Let's start off with a circle shape then sketch in the facial guidelines which will enable you to draw in his features easier.   STEP 2. Using the shape you just made, sketch out the structure of his face which is the left cheek, jawline, and chin. You will then need to sketch the lining of his nose and top lip line.   STEP 3. Using the facial guidelines once again, draw the almond shapes of the eyes, then finish drawing Austin's nose like so. Finish the mouth as you sketch out his lips. Add a chin dent, then the angel's finger dent above the lip.   STEP 4. Now that a majority of his face is all done, you can proceed with sketching out his long bangs which almost cover his eyes. Color in the pupils, then draw in the shape of his ear. Once that is all done you can finish sketching out the rest of his head in the form of hair.   STEP 5. Here is the last step guys. All you have to do now is finish drawing the lining of his neck, then draw the shirt collar, necklace, and his shoulders. He is wearing a baggy shirt so be sure to also add the wrinkles, creases, and folds. Take your time so the drawing comes out looking decent. Erase your mistakes as well as the guides I told you make in step one.   STEP 6. Here is what the finished drawing of Austin Mahone looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color him in, or you can keep the drawing as s sketched image.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.