How to Draw Scary Faces, Draw Scary Characters

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How to Draw Scary Faces, Draw Scary Characters 2

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How to Draw Scary Faces, Draw Scary Characters 4

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STEP 1. First and foremost, I want to discuss how exactly a scary or creepy face should appear, and what makes it creepy. To the left, we have a young gentleman with a calm, normal face; the nose nicely shaped, the eyes in relaxed gesture, the face evenly shaped, and the hair curled to mold the 'harmless' face. To the right, we see a tremendous change in the symmetry of the character's face, overall warping the face in an older, creepier complexion. The nose is tilted downwards and finely pointed, the hair scruffy, the mouth bizarrely shaped and curved, and the extreme amounts of detailing in the face to bring forth ambiguity. These are features that create a creepy and scary face.   STEP 2. By manipulating shapes, we can create numerous characters with various characterized appearances. What really creates a scary face, is the shape of it. 'Angular' shapes are the best way to direct yourself in order to draw scary looking characters. Ever notice how popular villains have angular features? How the mouths are shaped, the face, the eyebrows, how their facials are exaggerated in distorted - warped angles? It's an artist's job to observe and analyze as much as possible. Understanding a concept is crucial to create a concept. Let's take a look at this Nosferatu looking fella, how his face is shaped, the brows tilted in arched positions, and how the facials seem surprised.   STEP 3. Now, I've prepared simple example facials, so we'll go through this one step at a time, examining the individual facials. Let's take a look at the steps on how the effect of a character's nose takes on the overall complexion. 1) We have a simple - seemingly harmless character face build, nothing really creepy right? When we move onto 2) we see that the nose is a bit more angled downwards, and thicker too, distorting the character's face into a more harmful appearance. As we move onto 3) the nose is totally angled and sharpened downwards, creating a totally creepy and sadistic look so far. Notice how the sinister smile totally brings life to this face, molding a creepier face.   STEP 4. Here are a few example noses that follow the principle of being 'angular'. Most of them are sharply pointed, and aiming downwards. There's two that don't have a downwards angle, but still follow the lines of being 'angular' or 'sharp'. The fat nose is tipping off in an angular point, having moles and cysts to add to its deformation.   STEP 5. Presented in this step are a few eyes that differ from one another. Personally, the creepiest eye here is 6). 1) we have a simple eye that would fit for any character, but it isn't exactly scary or creepy looking. 2) we have a more stressed and detailed eye, creating a semi-scary complexion. 3) is more of a sinister yet calm eye, which would work for characters that 'work behind the scenes', or mischievous - contriving characters. 4) is a narrow - angular stressed eye, with few details in the pupil creating a harmful and creepy look. 5) is obviously intensely creepy because of the dot for a pupil/iris and the detailing which circulate around it. 6) is pretty straightforward, it's a void eye with lots of veins to create an abnormal deformed looking eye.   STEP 6. To further your successes in drawing scary characters, is to choose the right hairstyle for their overall complexion. Personally, I love characters with long greasy hair, because it usually signifies darkness, evil, and sinister characteristic. Bald characters with dark spots on the skin are usually even more creepy because the bare skin alone. It's like viewing an adult baby which is abstract in itself. Scruffy hair is also pretty interesting because it signifies the character's avoidance in caring for themselves; aimed only towards hurting others.   STEP 7. Here's the original character drawn in the preview image for the tutorial. As you can see, everything about this character is indeed 'creepy' or 'scary'. The limbs are lanky - anorexic, and there are only four fingers for each hand. I gave this character a worm tail because worms to me, represent scum-feeding, disgusting, unholy creatures. Notice how much detail is put into the individual body parts to intensify the appearance. The more detail there is, the more stressed the character will appear.   STEP 8. Here is a draw sheet that has the whole head of the creature in the tutorial. Start off by making the head shape then sketch in the facial guideline. You will then begin sketching out the shape of the face and head. Notice how the chin of this scary face has a long narrow shape that squares at the end. Draw in the eyes in detail like so, then sketch out the nose as well. Once that is done you can work on the grin which is almost like the Joker's. Draw in the wrinkles around the mouth, then draw in the teeth as well as the detailing around the lips. Lastly, draw the neck shoulders, and all the definition on the neck.   STEP 9. Now, if you're drawing a body for your character, note that it should be angular as well, unless you're drawing a fat blob that's also an evildoer. Personally, I love anything and everything that is lanky with a touch of darkness. The character we'll be drawing in this example for practice, is a mix from one of my favorite musicians (namely from the song/video 'Dope Hat') and the appearance of a 1930s 'gentleman', which adds total contradiction to the character. Notice how the lanky characteristics fit the complexion of the face perfectly; everything is angular! The black arrows indicate how the long lengthy limbs work with the overall appearance. Everything is relative to one another.   STEP 10. Start off by drawing the top hat to this scary figure. Once that is done you can draw the shape of the face, as well as the neck.   STEP 11. Begin sketching out the hair which curls up before it reaches the shoulders. Draw in the face which includes the eyes, nose and mouth. Once that is all done you can sketch in the detailed design on the top hat. You can go with one of your own creations, or go with the one you see here.   STEP 12. Okay, face is done, hair is done. What we need to work on now is drawing the shoulders, the flaps for his button up suit jacket, and then draw the left arm and hand as well as the top parts of the hands as they come together like so. Be sure to sketch in the detailing where needed.   STEP 13. Draw out the other shoulder and arm, as well as the cane that he is holding. I chose to add pin stripes on the clothes, but again, you can go with the type of design you like best.   STEP 14. This scary figure has long hair that falls behind his jacket. Draw that in as well as the strangely strand of hair in the back that is floating about.   STEP 15. Draw out the thin shaped legs as well as his feet. He is wearing a designer shoe so be sure to sketch in some form of detailing there.   STEP 16. For the last step you will color in the hair, then draw a long tattered cape. Color the cape in solid as well. Clean up the drawing by erasing the mistakes.   STEP 17. here you have the sketch of a scary character. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and I also hope that it helped you out.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17.