How to Draw a Shocked Face

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STEP 1. Draw a circle, and draw a cross-like line formation inside. This serves as a map for the face.   STEP 2. Now draw the outline for hands, arms, and shoulders. Draw the hairline too, but keep in mind that the hairline on a real person starts about 4 or 5 finger-lengths(horizontally)distance apart from the eyebrows, so give a little space from where you're going to put your eyes in correspondence with the hairline.   STEP 3. Now draw parts of the face. I always make my eyes have an oval-ish base to them, so draw a semi-oval kind of shape on the line designated for your eyes. Draw the nose right above your lips(you might want to consider using a small circle as a base to draw the nose around). With the lips, the bottom lip is larger and more rounded compared to the upper lip, which has more sharp edges.   STEP 4. Now to draw the hair and actual eyes. I like to make my hair big and curly, so I just draw curved lines everywhere. Draw the eyes around the oval base, and proceed to draw eyelashes and such.   STEP 5. Now start to draw the hand, along with the shoulders and arms. I draw the clavicle(the lines on the upper chest) on my people to where it's visible.   STEP 6. Now you should draw the accessories and clothing. I like a lot of bracelets on my people lol   STEP 7. Erase the sketchy lines and voila! I added the comic-book-decorations in the back just for kicks lol   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.