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STEP 1. So, first off, we're going to start off with the shape of the chibi's head: a simple oval. We're also going to add a light arch through the left side of the oval, as this may help as a guideline later, for facial features, neck, etc. Make sure to draw lightly though, because we'll be erasing some lines later.   STEP 2. Next, we're going to draw the remainer of the chibi head; a simple half circle coming off the oval drawn in step 1. Also, were going to draw the beginning of his eyes. See how I said the arch would be a guideline? Anyways, the eyes are fairly simple, almost like backwards "6"s.   STEP 3. Now we're going to add some detail, such as the chibi's eyebrows and the beginning of his hair. Make sure the parting of his hair is off to the side, otherwise it might look a bit akward. Also, right about were the two ovals for his head meet, we're going to make the shape for Harry's ear. Very simple. In this step, you can erase those extra guidelines, too.   STEP 4. In this step, we're adding Harry's smile, eye detail, and the remainder of his hair parting, along with some more detail for his hair. You can change around Harry's smile, but for this tutorial, I chose just a simple grin. For the eyes, we're going to draw his pupils. These can be pretty big, due to the fact that this is a chibi. Also, feel free to add some extra spots in his eyes, for lighting. For Harry's hair, we're going to start simple, by adding some archs for his bangs and the biginning of his curls. These should stop right around the bottom of his left eye/ the top of his right ear.   STEP 5. In this next step, we are adding the top of the chibi's hair, detail of his ear, and blush marks (optional) For his hair, we're going to draw, as you can see, something similar to the beginning of a mustache right atop his hair parting. Next, we add ear detail, wich is pretty much like a backwards 3, except a bit rounded out and stretched. In addition, if you'd like, we add blush marks: small ovals right below Harry's eyes.   STEP 6. For step 6, we are finishing off the right side of his hair, along with some more detail to his left. For his right, we add a curved arch right until we get below his ear, where we add waves as needed, however, you want to add alot of waves arounf the bottom of his head. For the left side, we're just staring out with the top of his hair and adding a simple wave to it. Also, we're going to add to small parallel lines near his chin, for the beginning of his neck. remember to keep the neck somewhat small, though!   STEP 7. In step 7, we are adding the remaining curls for the left side of his hair, much like his right side. Add as many as you'd like, but remember those bottom curls, much like the shape of an upside down "m". Also, we're going to add the remainder of Harry's neck. We connect the two parallel lines with a wide "u", for the collar of his shirt. Next, we're goung to draw his shirt, and add two lines on the outer parts of his sleeves, for the beginning of his arms.   STEP 8. Next, we draw the remainder of his arms, inluding his hands. You can see more detail of his hands in the drawing... You can change the positions of his hands as wanted.   STEP 9. Finally, we finish off with his pants. Very easy step. Draw two parallel lines at both sides of the bottom of his shirt, and finish off with an upside down "U" or "V". Add pant detail as wanted.   STEP 10. Once you're done, and have cleaned up your lines, this is what it should some-what look like! Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial on How to Draw Chibi Harry Styles: 1D   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.