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STEP 1. Alright so step one we begin with a simple easy oval in the center of the page, the oval has to be big enough to fit Jack other wise it won't work out.   STEP 2. Step 2, phew we're half way there! Lol, anyways step two requires us to begin to draw Jack's head so that we'll know where to possition the body. The great thing about Tim Burton's art is that anything is possible! So for Jack's head kind of draw a lopsided oval, and then draw his eyes which are awkward circles and then add his nostrils, then place his stitched smile across his face, you don't' have to have a specific stitching pattern so you can have some fun with that.   STEP 3. Step three leads us in forming his outfit which is pen stripped but I had no time to do the pen stripes, simply start drawing the bat bow tie around his neck so that you can get a good idea to where the wings are going to be placed, then draw his arm going downward from the side of the oval, for the other arm make it bend upward and have his hand go up towards his chest and begin drawing out his skeletal hand, I suck at drawing skeleton hands so that didn't really turn out the way I had planned.   STEP 4. Step four was the most difficult for me in this drawing for the background I decided to have it all be spiderwebs, I have never been good at drawing spiderwebs but it turned out, so make sure that when starting the spiderwebs that you begin at the very end of the corner of the paper and start drawing them vertically across the page until you fill the whole background. Then go in between the lines in which you had just created and make arks all around the lines to form the web.   STEP 5. Alright for the fifth step after the spiderwebs are finished, we can start outlining Jack's body, with this tutorial I used a simple black crayola marker instead of permanent since it has an attendance to bleed.   STEP 6. The sixth step requires the filling in of a cool gray color for the inside oval that we had started from step 1, is this going good so far? and if you are using Paint or any other programs black can be placed around the spiderwebs and they will be outlined, however if you are drawing the old fashion way you might want to highlight the webing with silver or just leave it simply white.   STEP 7. Aw already done :( The final step requies the filling in of the rest of the background, and I forgot to mention in the last step to fill in the rest of Jack's suit, if you feel like it you could at the pen striped vest or you can leave it all black, well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Jack Skelington, if you want to give me if you'd like to give some criticism on my first tutorial feel free, there is always room for improvement.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.