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STEP 1. Firstly before you want to draw a lizard, maybe it would be a helpful extra, if you know, what's about his anatomy. The first two page will be about the lizard anatomy for the beginning.   STEP 2. For the lizard anatomy here some more detailed picture focus on their head and eyes.   STEP 3. You will draw them more easily, if you know their movement, so here are some examples for your lizard picture.   STEP 4. You can see some extra picture about them, now you can see that the lizard species live so much on the world!   STEP 5. This is the second part of the lizard species, as you can see, the stellion too, one of my favourite lizard species :)   STEP 6. Let's start the "How to draw Lizard" part! Now, start to draw the base lines. This is helpful, that you can draw the base form of the body.   STEP 7. Firstly, draw the base lines of his head, this is the start of the lizard drawing.   STEP 8. And now, draw his eyes.   STEP 9. As a little step (but as the others too, it's important) draw the little point of his nose.   STEP 10. And now, draw the base line of his mouth. If you draw him in side view, it's more easier for you!   STEP 11. Draw the main lines of his head, now he have a more characteristic head, and you can see well his form of his head, and face.   STEP 12. And now, draw the little details lines around his mouth!   STEP 13. Now, draw the flakes details on his head. firstly the upper part.   STEP 14. And now, draw the lower, under part of the flakes on his head.   STEP 15. And now, as the finishing step of the head drawing, draw the little details on his head, with these the lizard will be more realistic.   STEP 16. Now here the next bigger part of the lizard drawing! Draw the base lines of his body, and his tail!   STEP 17. Draw the backline on his tail so you can see how move his little tail on the drawing.   STEP 18. And now, draw the reptile flakes base parts on his body!   STEP 19. The last step of the lizard body drawing is the little details on his flakes, now they are more realistic too!   STEP 20. The next bigger (and last) part are the legs. So draw the base lines of them!   STEP 21. In this step, draw the separate lines of his toes, now you can see them well.   STEP 22. As on the body part, draw the reptile flakes on his legs too! Try to follow his body form with them too!   STEP 23. As the last step, you only need to draw now the little details on his legs!   STEP 24. You are done! Now go, and color him, as you want. I really enjoy to draw this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Great work, guys!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19. Step 20. Step 21. Step 22. Step 23. Step 24.