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STEP 1. Get your equipment ready for your cupcake! You'll need: * Paper * Eraser * Blending stumps (Q-tips if you don't have blending stumps) * Drawing pencils (I used 2B and 4B) * Small brush (I use a makeup brush)   STEP 2. Start by drawing simple outlines for your cupcake (the cup, a little bit of the cupcake and the frosting). Don't make this part too dark, the outlines are just for guidance. Erase what you don't like and work on the outlines until you're pleased with the result. Remember: these lines are just for guidance, don't get too hung up in making them perfect. (2B pencil)   STEP 3. Keep working on those outlines and make them more detailed. Now you'll start with the shading, at this point you don't want to over-do it, just use it as a guide to where the darkest parts will be. Be careful, you don't want to make these lines too dark. (2B pencil)   STEP 4. Blend everything. After you've done that make it darker at the parts you want darkest and blend a little more until you're satisfied. Now use your eraser to make lines on the cup to stand out, and on the outside of the cupcake/the background. (small brush, blending stumps, 4B pencil, eraser)   STEP 5. Use your eraser to make light lines to create contrast and a nicer shadow. After you've finished this step your cupcake will be completed. Look at the photo: It's the same picture at the same stage of the cupcake, only on the cupcake to your right I've fixed the contrast and brightness so it's easier for you to see what I did. (eraser)   STEP 6. There are tons of different frosting styles and you don't need to make it like I showed you above. Use your imagination and draw your dream frosting, the steps I've given you above works on everything.   STEP 7. Here's an example on another cupcake I drew. I used the same steps as shown above, but with different frosting and a few star sprinkles. This is just to show you how to use the tutorial in different ways.   STEP 8. Maybe you want to add a little candle to your cupcake to make it into a birthday cupcake.   STEP 9. Or maybe a cherry. The cupcake can look a lot cuter if you decorate it a little, your imagination is the limit. Some ideas to what you can decorate your cupcake with: a candle or a cherry (see the small step-by-step photos I've added), small hearts, small stars, classic colorful sprinkles, a bow, candy, strawberry, raspberry. Have fun with it :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.