How to Draw an Electric Dragon

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STEP 1. Let us begin by making some of the basic guides, shapes and lines to create a workable frame for our new dragon drawing. You will need to make the shape for the head, then draw the curved neck guide and attach it to the torso shape. Next, draw out another shape for the thigh. Add the long tail line as well as the guides for the feet or talons.   STEP 2. We will now begin sketching out the face and or sturcture of the dragons snout, head, and horns. The brow for the eyes also need to be drawn in. Make sure the muzzle is drawn with lots of sharp points.   STEP 3. Next, draw the thickness of the neck, then draw in the dragon's shoulder as well as the first arm. Draw the clawed talon like so, and add some detailing to the part of the body you just sketched out. Also, draw in some of the stomach and chest.   STEP 4. Draw out the back lining to form the back end of the dragon's body like so, then start sketching out the hind leg and foot which should be bigger than the front claws, hands, or talons. Draw in the other arm, then add a little more detailing to the reptilian body.   STEP 5. Draw out the other leg which includes the thigh, foreleg, and foot. Next, finish off the body by drawing out the long bolt shaped tail like you see here. You should also sketch out the detailing for the crotch area too.   STEP 6. We will now focus on getting the wings drawn out. Notice that the wings have a rawness to them. The are large, and the tips are spaced pretty good for maximum flight and speed. Draw in the clawed tips, then add some detailing so they come out looking sort of like bat wings.   STEP 7. All you have to do now is sketch in all the detailing that makes the dragon stand out like the sharp frills on the head, neck, back and tail, then sketch in the face as well as the tongue, and horn definition. You will also need to define the wings. I suggest that you do all this after you erase the mistakes you made throughout the lesson.   STEP 8. Here is what the finished drawing looks like as line art. Now you can have even more fun coloring it in. Look below for the full colored image of this electric dragon.   STEP 9. Here it is, the whole image colored in. I love the colors because they capture the very essence of all the energy that this dragon has.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.