How to Draw Diablo, Diablo the Prime Evil

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STEP 1. I've decided to create an extra few steps in this tutorial for the profile view of Diablo. I find his design really intriguing to draw from various angles. The shape of Diablo's head is that of a skull with a huge crest of horns that spiral outwards. To capture this, we have to draw the basic guides in order to start. First, sketch lightly and loosely, the guides of the head; this is important because this is where we'll be building form. After you've finalized on your guide-work, start sketching the mouth. I ALWAYS draw the upper mouth first before moving downwards to the lower jaw. Take your time, and try not to hasten this process which requires a steady -comfortable drawing pace. Once you've drawn the mouth, work on the large crest.   STEP 2. Next, let's not get too discouraged by looking at this thumbnail of steps. I know it looks like intense amount of work, which is why this tut is for advanced artists. Now, if you've got the patience, let's work on the easier parts, which is the lower horns that protrude from his cheeks. Make sure you try not to draw the horns TOO close to the cheeks, or too high up. His horn crests are usually crowning the shape of his face. Next, work on the INTENSE detailing, and I say 'intense' with caps because this took me forever. Take your time, and work each line individual in a similar pattern to create unity and a fluent flow. I highly consider drawing these lines with light - thin line weights. Lastly, draw the eyes which furrow beneath the brows, and the horns which frame the cheeks pretty nicely.   STEP 3. Ok guys, let's get to drawing the actual preview image of this tutorial. Now, you'll again, want to start with basic guidelines to build form onto. When drawing or sketching, you'll always need a basic foundation to lay your future form onto. let's draw a vague and rough guideline for the head, so we can get started on big D's face.   STEP 4. Next, let's begin the essential build of Diablo's face. Remember, his brows are overshadowing most of his eyes. They also connect to the six channels of horns which make up his crest. Now, once you've drawn the eyebrows, move downwards to the shape of the face as well as the horns which sprout from the chin and edges of jaw.   STEP 5. Ok, this is going to be a huge breath-ful of work, because now we're going to work on the beautiful aesthetics of this awesome demon. Let's work on the eyes first. Remember to use thin line weights for these intricate details, because we're trying to create unity within the lineart. Keep your outside - outlining lines thick, and the inner detailing lines thin. Once you've drawn the eyes, sketch the crest of horns which crown the shape of the head/skull. Later, we'll be drawing lots of little baby lines into the this area. Afterwards, work on the nose which is narrow just like the composition of his head. Draw the teeth and the framing horns on the cheeks.   STEP 6. Then, we're going to jump right into drawing the framing crest of horns. Honestly, start from the left horn to the right. I find it easier to do this because of the perspective. If you know how to draw the horns at the left in a narrow position, drawing the horns to right will be much easier. There's lots of lovely curves to be drawn in this step, so take your sweet ol' time!   STEP 7. Alright, I'd like to call this the 'Better Dead Than Alive Step', because there is just so much overwhelming work to be done. If you don't want to sketch all these tiny lines, skip to Step 8 and finish the drawing by sketching the shoulder lines. I didn't want to over complicate this tutorial with a huge full body of Diablo, because you guys just wouldn't be able to tackle it. It's like looking straight up Mt. Everest or Mt. Washington, knowing that you've got to climb it. Anyways, enough rambling, let's draw! Again, use thin line weights for most of these details.   STEP 8. Lastly, draw the shoulder lines, again, using thick lines. This will kinda complete the look for Diablo, just with a cut off head, hehe. Just a heads up, take a big piece of charcoal (or if you're using pencil, a huge sharpener!), and shade in a very dark tone of shadow to cover the empty spots. You'll see what I mean in Step 9.   STEP 9. After everything has been drawn, this is what you should have, or something similar to this. Now, let me tell you, drawing this guy and all the thin lines took A LOT of work! I spent nearly 2 hours sketching, inking, and coloring this beast. It was fun and I also learned a few techniques (which I will reveal in another digital coloring tut). Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this lesson, I had too much fun coloring and drawing him. Don't forget to watch the cinematics of the fight between Diablo and the angels of heaven! Peace and love, guys ;)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.