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STEP 1. Here is a quick lesson on a profile of Nala. It consists of four steps so let's get started. Draw the shape for the base of the head, then sketch out the facial guide. Next, draw out the side of her face which is the forehead, snout, bottom jaw, and neck. When that is done you can sketch out the round shaped ear, followed by the rest of the neck. Sketch in the hair or coat fur along the ear lining as well as on the back part of Nala's cheek or jaw bone. Draw in her eye, color in the pupil, then draw out the mask lining around the snout as well as her nose.   STEP 2. Now let's get started. Draw a big thick circle for the head guide followed by the facial guideline.   STEP 3. Now we will be drawing Nala's face from a 3/4 view. Start by thickening the lining for the top left part of the head, then sketch out the shape of the snout.   STEP 4. So for this step all you have to do is tackle the task of drawing out her very excited friendly eyes. You should probably start with the outer ring that houses her eyes. Once that is done, sketch out the contouring of her nose, followed by the nostrils.   STEP 5. Okay, here we will draw out the shape of the bottom jaw which is open and smiling at the same time. Lions are also born with baby teeth, so you will have to draw in her baby teeth, as well as her tongue on the inside of her mouth. Add the jaw marking which will enable you to color Nala in using her two toned shade.   STEP 6. Here you will draw out the ears, then draw the back and front parts of her neck. Add that wrinkle or crease like so.   STEP 7. Sketch in the inner ear detailing with a jagged stroke, then add the rib lines on the actual inner ear tissue. Sketch in some fluff on her jaw, then add the marking to her chest. Erase the mistakes then you're done once again.   STEP 8. Look how awesome Nala looks all drawn out and ready to color in. I hope you had fun with drawing Nala easy folks!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.