How to Draw Zira, Zira From the Lion King

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STEP 1. Ok guys, I've been working on so many cartoon characters recently, so after watching Lion King 1 & 2, I've decided to delve into a deeper explanation on how this character, Zira, should be drawn. First, you must understand, that villainous characters in most cases ALWAYS have sharp - angular features. Notice the shapes used in this example, and how they feature a vast amount of sharp edges, and very little soft shapes. When compared to Simba or Kirara, you will see a drastic difference in the face shapes and features. Heroes or heroines usually have softened features to match their traits. With that being said, using shapes to build form is extremely important. Most cartoonists sketch shapes in the beginning stages as much as possible.   STEP 2. Here is three different facial expressions for Zira that I drew to use as an example to give you guys an idea on how her facial expressions intensify. The first head at the top, is her calm posture. Notice how her facials aren't that angular as much as the next two. The second face is her 'plotting' emotion. Notice how her eyes/brows have narrowed, with an angular grin pointing upwards. The last, is of course, her extremely angry face. While watching Disney Lion King characters express emotions through the animation, I've noticed that each character is very different from one another, to create a sense of uniqueness. With that being said, there are certain ways that you must draw Zira while keeping her character. If you're a big fan of drawing her, and even sketch her for comics, you must know the characteristics of her movement. Getting out of character is normal for novices, but when you're a fan, it's easier to replicate! Just reference, practice, and observe!   STEP 3. Like I've stated in the previous step, her face gets very expressive with each emotion she gets. Observe how the eyebrows vary in width, length, and density. The thicker the lines lining her pupil, the more relaxed she will appear. Notice in the cartoon, her angry faces, feature thin eye lining, and extra details shaping her face.   STEP 4. Here is a four step lesson on drawing Zira from the side. Start with a circle for the head, then draw the box like shape for the snout of the lioness. Sketch in the neck guide, then sketch out the actual contouring of the snout for Zira. You will sketch in the chin hair, then draw the curve of her neck. Next, draw out the shape of the eye, as well as the small rounded ear. Add detailing to the nose then draw the front and back part of the neck Color in the eye or pupil, then erase the guides and mistakes.   STEP 5. Now for the 3/4 view lesson. Draw out the shape of the head, then sketch out the facial guide.   STEP 6. Draw the bridge of the nose, then draw the sharp lined upper mouth line. Add the smile arch too.   STEP 7. Draw out the straight lined chin and shape of the jaw line. There should be some long chin hair, as well as some hair on the edging of the ears. Draw the tear in her ear like so, then move to step eight.   STEP 8. You are almost done with drawing Zira. Here you will sketch out the eyes starting with the thick bold lining. The eyebrows are sharply arched, and the shapes of the eyes resemble almonds. Draw in the detailing to her snout, then draw the wide designed nose.   STEP 9. For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the whole neck, and make sure to draw it out in the current pose. Sketch in some of her shoulder, then sketch out the loose hair on her lioness coat. Erase the mistakes, then color in the pupils.   STEP 10. When you are all done here is what Zira looks like. Now you can have a blast coloring her in.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10.