How to Draw a Nazi Zombie

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STEP 1. Begin with a shape for the head, then draw the neck and shoulder guidelines with the attached head shape.   STEP 2. The first thing we need to do when drawing this Nazi zombie is to tackle the task of drawing out the front part of the skeletal face structure. Start with the mean posed brow bone like so, then start the drawing process to drawing the nose, upper jaw, cheek bone, and then the screaming design of the bottom jaw. Add the definition to the cheek.   STEP 3. Now let's get the solider's hat draw out. As you can see the design to a Nazi hat is almost shaped like an upside down iron. Draw in the shape of the hat which is placed right in the mid section of the brow. Draw the pendent which is wings, then move to step four.   STEP 4. Continue to work on getting the back of the head sketched out as well as the shape of the neck. You will need to sketch in the torn flesh as well as the exposed muscle tissue. Draw in the dark, void eye and make sure to sketch in some of the small pieces of skin missing from around the eyeball. Draw the band around the hat along with the embroidered strap.   STEP 5. You will now draw out the torso starting with the folded jacket collar, and then the zombified hand. When drawing the clothing make sure to include the tears and rips. Add some detailing to the hand like so, then you're done here.   STEP 6. Continue to work on getting the torso drawn out bu sketching in the shoulders, and the rest of the jacket collar. Under the Nazi's jacket is a folded button up shirt along with the knot of a tie. Sketch in the detailing that covers the hand, and shoulders, then sketch in the bite mark on the left shoulder. You will end this step by drawing the teeth on the bottom jaw.   STEP 7. Before you add the rest of the detailing and definition to the Nazi zombie, you will need to clean up the drawing by erasing all the mistakes and guides. Once that is done however you can start sketching in all the detailing. Draw the spots on the face as well as the lining to form the skeletal teeth.   STEP 8. When you're done the Nazi zombie should look like the one you see here. All you need to do now is add some gory color.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.