How to Draw an Anime Body

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STEP 1. Notice how the body is proportioned and the hips almost perfectly aligned with the shoulders. Note that female shoulders DO NOT sharpen and erect perfectly straight like the horridly drawn figure to the right. Observation is key!   STEP 2. Female Anatomy Basics| The difference between drawing female figures, is that females are generally more 'curvy' than males. The hips and shoulders are almost ALIGNED perfectly when compared vertically to one another. It's best to observe references of the female body in motion to get a general idea on how it poses in diverse formats. If needed, get yourself a posable mannequin. Note* A typical height of a female is 6-7 heads. This means, if you stacked the size of their heads vertically, you'd have the average and logical height.   STEP 3. Basic Skull Anatomy Of Profile Face| When you're drawing a face from the side view, you must understand the underlying functions before you start building form on top of guidelines. Know that, understanding the principles of this bone structure, will aid you into knowing how to place the essential details correctly.   STEP 4. Basic Skull Anatomy Of Front Face| When you're drawing the face shape of an anime character, it's important to understand the undermining functions that make the facials work and how they're placed. Here is an anime skull that is clearly much different than a normal human realistic skull. Look at how the eye sockets, take up 3/4 of the face and the mandibles, nasal bone, and teeth use up only a 1/4 portion of the face. It's critically important that you understand the very basic anatomy that creates the whole body in a working - functional manor.   STEP 5. Facial Proportions| Generally, in most anime that people are commonly interested in, is the style that have the exaggerated sized eyes, and lightly defined nose, mouth, and brows. If you're going to draw in that style, understand that the eyes take up 3/4 of the facial space, leaving 1/4 for the nose and mouth. Sometimes, the proportions become even smaller to 1/8 in 'overly exaggerated' styles. Whatever the case, try mixing and matching with various styles until you develop your own that you're comfortable with!   STEP 6. Male Vs. Female Face| Here's just two examples of a male and female face from the front, exploiting the ways the features differ per gender. A female's nose will have only a slight bit of indication, while the male character should have more definition to his nose. The brows on a male are thicker, while the eyes are shorter than a female's. Again, this always depends on the anime style. The concept here, still remains throughout those many styles.   STEP 7. Like always we have to begin by drawing a mannequin so we can use the various shapes and guidelines to draw out anime figure. Draw the head, torso and hip area, followed by the limb guides and facial guidelines.   STEP 8. Sketch out the shape of the anime girl's head and face, then draw in the ears and neck.   STEP 9. Using the mannequin draw out the body outline starting with the shoulders, arms, and torso. The sides of the body should curve in so your female has a nice hourglass shape. Draw the long legs in a natural standing pose like so, then draw in the feet and hand. Take your time as you tackle this step because I know how frustrating steps like this can be. Draw in the shapes of her breasts last.   STEP 10. Now that we have the body finally drawn out, we can tackle drawing the face. Start with the eyebrows then draw the shapes of her big round eyes. The top lids should be bold because this is a female figure. Draw in her nose and mouth like so, then add some detailing to display the definition of her stomach. This is a universal anime body. At this point you can chose to draw an anime boy. All you have to do is straighten the waist, and erase the breasts.   STEP 11. If you decide that you want to draw a girl you can continue with creating her by drawing the hairstyle that you like. For me I went with a simple straight style but instead of a perfect hairdo, I make her bangs thick and long, and the edges of her hair layered and sharp.   STEP 12. We will be working on the clothes for the remainder of the steps. Draw in the scarf like so, then sketch in the stretched looking material for the front of her torso that covers her breasts. Add detailing to the scarf like so before leaving this step.   STEP 13. Continue to sketch out the sweater. Sweaters usually have long sleeves so let's draw the sleeves and add some nice trim work at the bottom of her sweater.   STEP 14. Okay guys here is the last step. Draw out the legs completely once again but this time you will be drawing pants. Add some looseness to the bottom of the jeans like so, then draw in the shoes or feet. Add detailing the pants but not much, then begin erasing the mistakes.   STEP 15. I hope you enjoyed drawing an anime body as well as drawing clothes for the body. Color in your art so you can show the world what you have just finished.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15.