How to Draw a Kirin

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STEP 1. I'm going to start off with a few tips, starting out with just a few tips on different types of horns. Horns can differ depending on climate and how many horns or spikes you want them to have. They can be more like the horns of an antelope or a deer. Or they can be more like the horns of a dragon. You can do ram horns or even moose like horns if you wish. Here are a few different examples.   STEP 2. They're hooves can also be a bit different depending on the sorts of terrain they live in. They can have narrow sharp hooves for rocky and mountainous terrains or they can have round flat hooves, great for keeping them from sinking into either snow or sand.   STEP 3. Their scales grow in patches both large and small and are scattered over their bodies and intermixed with fur and hair. They can have a few groups of scales or their body can be utterly covered in them. Scales also come in different sizes, varying from small to large.   STEP 4. Now we can move on to drawing a kirin. We're going to start with a base. We'll draw a circle for the head with a shape coming out of the front for the nose and then bring down a long line for the neck. We'll draw a triangular shape for the chest region and a half oval for the hips. We'll connect those two shapes with a line and then bring lines out for all four legs and the tail.   STEP 5. From there we will draw the shape of the head, snout and the front of the neck. We'll also draw in the shape of his ear and his mouth as well as part of his jaw.   STEP 6. Next we'll draw in the rest of his face and draw in the details of his ears and draw his horns. We'l also include the start of his mane.   STEP 7. Now we'll start drawing in the legs, starting with the front. We'll and them off looking shaggy and hairy.   STEP 8. Then after that, we add in the front hooves. I made mine sharp and narrow but feel free to be different. And we'll also start drawing the rest of the body, drawing a line along the belly and a line along the back.   STEP 9. And then we'll do the back legs the same as we did the front.   STEP 10. And the same goes for the hooves as well. We're going to start the tail here too, drawing a thick tube coming up from the back.   STEP 11. Now we can draw in the rest of his mane and the hair on his tail. We'll make it shaggy looking like the hair on his legs.   STEP 12. After that we're going to add some detail into the hair, giving it some definition. I gave mine a little braid on the side.   STEP 13. Time for scales. First we'll draw patched on the face and the neck.   STEP 14. And then the torso.   STEP 15. And lastly the legs and tail. We'll also draw in some ridges on the horns (this is optional).   STEP 16. And there you have it. How to draw a Kirin.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16.