How to Draw a Skeleton Dragon

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STEP 1. We will start by drawing some basic shapes and limbs for your skeleton. Make sure the neck is long and the limbs are drawn in the body pose you choose.   STEP 2. You will begin sketching out the dragon's snout and forehead like so. The snout includes the upper and lower mandibles, as well as all the sharp teeth.   STEP 3. Sketch out the rest of the face shape in the form of bones, then sketch in the horns. Add detailing to the horns and skeletal head like so, then draw in the eye, cheek detailing and small horns on the cheeks.   STEP 4. You will draw in the vertebra to create the shape of the neck, then proceed to draw out the chest, shoulder and arm bones. Sketch in the detailing to the bones, then move to step five where you will draw more of the dragon's body.   STEP 5. Before you start sketching out the rest of the arms, you will need to take your time as you draw in each rib bone on the chest cavity. When this task is complete, you can draw the forearm bones, followed by the wrist and talon or hand bones.   STEP 6. Sketch out the one wing bone. Look at the anatomy of the dragon's wing, there is a wrist, finger, and arm like the front limbs. When the wing arm is sketch out, you can begin sketching the pelvic bone, then the thigh bones.   STEP 7. As you tackle the task of sketching out the skeleton version of a dragon, be sure to sketch in all the detailing on the bones for surface texture. Draw the spine bones or vertebra, then the rest of the leg bones. Draw the feet which are also claws like so.   STEP 8. End this tutorial by finishing up the skeleton dragon. Draw the entire shape and pose of the tail like so. Be sure to include all the small skinny tips on either side of the tail bones. Draw in the fingers for the wings, then begin erasing the mistakes and perfecting the dragon.   STEP 9. Here is what the finished product looks like when you are all done. Now you can color in the dragon, or use this piece for anything you like.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.