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STEP 1. We start off with drawing the shape of the ear. This may look difficult and confusing in the beginning. But with a closer look you'll see something very similar. The question mark and the letter y! but just a little curved. Besides these 2 shapes, there's the tragus, which is that little bump on the left side   STEP 2. Now we are going to shade the ear! Start off with the helix, which is the question mark. The shape of this is similar to the cylinder. Study this a bit and try to do the same shading on "the question mark".   STEP 3. Now we are going to shade the inside (the y shape). The shading with the cylinder applies here as well. try to gradually shade it from dark to light until you can't see actual lines anymore, to make it more realistic.   STEP 4. Now we are going to fill in the darkest parts which is the ear hole and parts around the "y". Note that the helix covers a part of the rest of the ear. This means the shadings should be dark under the helix.   STEP 5. Start adding some shadings around the ear. Draw the jaw line and add darker shadings to the right of the ear (that area is "behind" the ear). Add some hair (or no hair, your choice). If it's someone with long hair you can draw some hair strands over the ear.   STEP 6. This is the finish in touch! Add some highlight and some darker shadings until you're satisfied:) Some extra details to add are earrings/piercings, moles or even hairs inside the ear-hole!   STEP 7. What I told in the previous steps is how to draw the ear only. But what about the positions? When you look in front of the face the ears should be between the eyes and nose. So not exactly in the middle! Once the head bows down, the ears go up and when you tilt your head up the ears go down. You can test this out in the mirror :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.