How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves

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How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves 2

How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves 3

How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves 4

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How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves 8

How to Draw a Robot Wolf, Draw Mecha Wolves 9

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STEP 1. Alright guys you're in for a rare treat today! I have for you not One, not Two, not even Three, but FOUR Cyber Wolf Mechas for you to learn how to draw in this Tutorial! That's right I said FOUR CYBER WOLF MECHA, in FOUR DIFFERENT STYLES!! So let's get this thing rollin' shall we! First up is the Pack leader! 1. This is going to be the Pack Leader, so I want him to look strong, durable and have maximum mobility! I decided to design him to have a more Bio-Organic looking structure than most Mecha I draw! The result is a kind of rubber looking metal armor, but since it was looking a bit too much like rubber I thought of adding some LEDs all over his body to help give him a more futuristic/Tron-like look! When drawing Bio-metal type Mechas you'll want to have your designs looking very smooth, almost aero-dynamic in structure. So let's start with a nice simple skeleton. We'll need just a few simple shapes to plot out a pose. Now we'll start bulking him up with a few ovals and curves to give him a nice muscle structure! Remember, for Organic mecha you want to use round shapes and curves to define your mecha! Sharp edges should be limited to Weapons or really important features!   STEP 2. 2. Now that we have a pretty decent looking structure for our wolf, we can start finalizing our sketch with more defined lines and details! I wanted the leader to look more advanced in technology than the rest of the pack, so I tried to keep his design as "Basic" as possible and opted for a simple, but effective Tron-like light pattern to go on his body!   STEP 3. Leader   STEP 4. 3. Up next is the Pack Warrior! I wanted a nice ferocious, wild looking wolf, for this I thought I would go with the concept of "Werewolves" and give him lots of furry parts protruding from his head, mane and buttocks, then finish off with a nice bushy tail! So we'd start this one with a nice skeletal structure, (still keeping it simple) with a nice muscular upper-body build! Now notice how in the bulk-up process I've put a lot of round shapes and sharp edge shapes together! You might think that that would violate one of the rules I mentioned before about mixing Organic and Machine shapes together wouldn't you?   STEP 5. 4. The thing that keeps this character in compliance with the rules is that I MADE SURE the two shapes were balanced by using curves on the shapes that come to a sharp edge the whole way around till the end! The curves on both shapes create the "harmony" between the two shapes that I often speak of! Now that a suitable base has been made, I can start adding in my details to give the shapes more dimension and finish my wolf!   STEP 6. Warrior   STEP 7. 5. Next in line is the right hand of the Pack Leader, The Assassin/Bodyguard! I wanted to add a bit of diversity to the all male group, so I decided this one's design should be of female origin. I wanted her to be quick on her feet, lethal for sure, but at the same time have a shy, gentle somewhat elegant stature! For her skeletal structure I'm going with a nice pose that says calm, collective and obedient, so what better than the heel posture! In the bulk-up phase of the design I wanted to further emphasize her female features by giving her a nice slender build like that of a greyhound or fox and give her an image of radiance, yet remind the viewer of her assassin nature as well with deadly weapons, like a hydrangea flower!   STEP 8. 6. Once I'd decided that she would wield buzzsaw blades, It was clear that the theme for my final draft of her should be razor sharp, so I began to plot out where I could add accents to her frame to further illustrate the idea. I decided her crown should be adorned with blades, but not so much as to draw too much attention away from the rest of her design. Her mane I figured would look great as knives, so I chose to give her a few with a curved fold-out knife for her tail!   STEP 9. Assassin/Bodyguard   STEP 10. 7. Alright guys, this is the last member of the Pack, The Muscle! The last wolf of the group I felt should be built like a walking tank, or other heavy artillery vehicle and look really outdated in it's design when compared to the rest of the Pack! For this I decided to go with a Geometric (blocky) build for my Mecha! I started with a simple build for the skeleton (as always), emphasizing how heavily armored this Mecha will be by have it hunched over forward slightly in the direction of his heavier upper-body, to further illustrate the difference in weight of the two portions of its body! With a Mecha built this low to the ground you can pretty much guess that it's pretty low on mobility!   STEP 11. 8. I also wanted to give him a nice weapon to complement his body posture! I didn't want a cannon, because that was TOO average for what I'd had in mind! I decided on chain guns instead and an assortment of nuts, gears and bolts for this guy, to give him the look of a tired old war machine. Now that I have a basic concept of what I want my Mecha to look like, I can start finalizing my sketch!   STEP 12. 9. Now I can add in little details to give this old war-hardened wolf a little personality, like a permenant frown on its face, nuts, gears and bolts to give him a much older look than the others in the Pack!   STEP 13. The Muscle AND that's all there is to it! Another tutorial on How To Draw MECHA from yours truly! I hope this Tutorial was VERY helpful to you all! ~KenshinEien~   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.