How to Draw Manga Heads

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STEP 1. First thing you need to know are the basic shapes that you use to to create a head. Every head starts off with a circle and depending on what type of character you're drawing, the angles and overall shape changes. Youth heads are very round, the chin not coming down from from the bottom of the circle. Teens have slightly longer faces with females coming down to more of a point while males have more of a squared chin. Adult female faces are a bit longer and adult male faces are usually more square. Villain faces are long and angular and a bit on the thin side.   STEP 2. You can draw your head from several different views. From the front or a straight on view. A 3/4 view is when the head is only slightly turned to the side. Profile is when the head is turned completely to the side. 1/4 view is when we're only getting a peek at the face, maybe getting a peek at the eye and a bit of the back of the ear. And then there is the view of back of the head.   STEP 3. Your head can also be tilted up or down. When looking either down at a head or if the person is looking down, the face will appear shorter. The eyebrows will hood the eyes and come a bit closer to them and you will see the top of the nose and see how it comes to a point. The mouth will be almost touching and will seem a bit on the thin side. When mapping out a head looking down, the bisecting line that goes across the face will curve down. When the face it looking up, you will see the underside of both the chin and the nose. The eyes will seem to move closer to the eyebrows and once again the mouth wont appear as open even if it is, seeming narrow because of the way we're looking at it. The bisecting line on this head will curve up instead of down. And then straight on will be seeing everything right on and it's normal size and placement. The bisecting line just going straight across.   STEP 4. Defining the shape of the face is also something you might want to do, though you have the option to have just straight lines for the sides of your face. Usually though you want to show where the cheeks differ from the forehead. You'll want to bring in the side a bit right in line with your eyes and then bring it back out a bit below. From the side you'll want to bring in the forehead and curve it down and out to show where the nose is. You'll also want to define where the head connects to the head, bringing in the chin and rounding the back of the head and then coming down at nearly a 90° angle.   STEP 5. You should also know how to lay hair on your head, unless your character is bald in which case you don't need to know this step so much (this also goes for buzz cuts.) Hair needs to have volume and come up off the head a bit. You can't have your hair flat and plastered right to the skull, it will look unnatural.   STEP 6. Now just decide on a style. If you want smooth more curving lines and more finer details, you'll probably want to go with more of a shojo style (Shojo is the name for manga normally made for girls). If you want fast and bold lines, go with shonen (Shonen is the name for comics made normally for boys).   STEP 7. Now we can get started. Like I said earlier, all heads start with a circle. We'll also bring down a line for the neck and bring a line across for the shoulders. We'll also draw a line across the face, curving it up as well as bring a line down where the center of the face will be. A circle on the side of the circle will show us where our ear will be.   STEP 8. Will start with the side of the head on the opposite side of our ear. We'll draw a line coming down and going in around the line going across before bringing back out and down to the chin. We'll bring it in and then then bring it down for the neck. We'll draw a line off from that to show where it connects to the shoulders.   STEP 9. We'll draw the shape of the ear on the other side and we'll draw where the back of the head connects to the neck, doing the same as we did in the last step, bringing it in and down again, as well as bringing a line out for the shoulders.   STEP 10. We'll start the eyes next, drawing the top and the bottom lids. The top lids should be a lot thicker than the bottom and will normally have eyelashes if you're drawing a girl. A little line just above will show the crease between your eyelid and your eye.   STEP 11. We'll draw ovals for the pupils and do hatching for shading in the eye, going from thicker to thinner at an angle. You can either erase or use white out or white paint for the eye highlights, and you may opt to save that part for after you've colored.   STEP 12. Mouth and nose next. Just a little line is all you need to define the nose in a manga face. And the mouth here is open. The lines wont completely connect at the bottom either but the mouth will still be defined when you go to color your image.   STEP 13. Now for all the other details of the face. We'll draw a quick curving line over each eye for our eyebrows, some short lines under for the cheek (normally showing a bit of a blush) and we'll draw in the details of the ear.   STEP 14. We'll use more hatching for the shadow under the chin and some shading near the eye closest to the side of the face.   STEP 15. Hair time. We'll draw one half of her bangs.   STEP 16. And then the other. Drawing in the curve of the hair and some of the definition for the strands.   STEP 17. We'll bring her hair back and up, tying it off and getting ready to draw a ponytail. A few strands near the back of the neck wont be quite long enough and stick out.   STEP 18. And then her pony tail, drawing in the curves and some of the strands once again like we did for the bangs.   STEP 19. And we're done! You've drawn a manga head. Don't be afraid to go and practice more angles and different views, especially if you're designing a character of your very own.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13. Step 14. Step 15. Step 16. Step 17. Step 18. Step 19.