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STEP 1. Alright folks, today we're gonna learn how to draw a cute, fluffy, miniature poodle in the comic strip style from my series My Girlfriend's Dog, which can be viewed here: My Girlfriend's Dog is a comic inspired by the real life exploits of myself and a bratty little poodle my girlfriend adopted from a shelter. In the comic, the name of the dog is Baby (he's a boy, btw). So how do I draw Baby? I start with sketching in some very basic guide lines with a 2H or harder pencil. These lines should be sketched very lightly so that they are easy to erase later on. A large, oval-ish shape for the body, and a circle for the head.   STEP 2. After the guide lines are in place, I draw the face. The eyes should be very large and dark. Large eyes suggest innocence and cuteness. I like to give him little eyebrows for fun. Be sure to leave white highlights on the eyes. The nose is slightly triangular (but upside-down). I draw a short, fluffy snout but since he's so fluffy, I rarely draw the actual mouth.   STEP 3. I complete the head by drawing large fluffy ears. Only a small portion of the dog's left ear should be visible.   STEP 4. The collar is a lot of fun. I sometimes like to draw Baby wearing a spiked collar - it just adds a level of ridiculousness that is perfect for my comic. If you don't want to draw spikes, you don't have to. But it is important to include a collar otherwise the dog will look naked! Observe how the collar it not straight across the neck. Instead, it wraps around and hangs from the neck. Also be sure to draw a little dog tag hanging from a metal ring on the front of the collar.   STEP 5. Next, I draw the front legs and feet. Making sure they are very fluffy, and not too far apart, I point the paws outwards. It is important that the paws rest at the same level on the ground, otherwise the drawing will look skewed.   STEP 6. The hind legs are a lot of fun. The dog sits with his back legs pointing out away from the body, like he's too fat and lazy to sit correctly. Be sure to include the left paw, which should just be poking out from behind the front legs.   STEP 7. Then I draw the back and the tail. The tail is short and very fluffy. It wags whenever there is food nearby.   STEP 8. To finish the illustration, ink the image with a Micron marker or Copic Multiliner. After inking, erase all pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. And viola! That's how I draw Baby, the miniature poodle featured in my comic. To see how the bratty little mutt and I interact with one another, check out My Girlfriend's Dog here: Thanks!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.