How To Draw Christoph Waltz, Christoph Waltz

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STEP 1. To draw Christoph Waltz as the German Nazi, Hans Landa, we should first lay down some basic construction lines. Drawing very lightly with a 2H or harder pencil (so that the lines are easy to erase later on), sketch the upper portion of a stick figure shape by starting with the head, then two circles for the shoulders, and draw the right arm pointing upwards with a circle for the location of the hand. Draw a center and mid line on the head for additional guides.   STEP 2. Let's start with the eyes. Remember the rule of thumb is that eyes are roughly one eye width apart from each other, and that they need to rest along the horizontal mid line of the face. Waltz was in his early 50s when he filmed Inglorious Bastards, so he should have crow's feet and bags under his eyes. The character is extremely smug and arrogant - to help personify this, his eyelids should be low, as if his eyes are not full open.   STEP 3. Moving down the face, let's draw the nose and mouth. Be sure that they are aligned along the vertical center line of the face. His nose is somewhat bumpy and has a small crease on the tip. The character often has an arrogant smirk on his face, so draw the corner of the mouth curled up slightly. Remember to draw the upper and lower lips, with the lower lip being larger. Don't forget the wrinkles that start at the tops of the nostrils and point downwards.   STEP 4. Draw the jaw and ears. Waltz has a large chin with creases that nearly meet the wrinkles protruding from above the nostrils. The earlobes should align with the bottom of the nose, and the tops of the ears should align with the tops of the eyebrows.   STEP 5. As a Nazi soldier, Waltz should be very clean cut and have short, well groomed hair. The character has a prominent hair part along the left side of his head. Do not draw the hairline as one solid line. Instead, draw a series of short lines representing actual hairs sticking out of the head. It looks more natural to do it this way.   STEP 6. Go back to the face and add more creases and wrinkles. Make him look aged (early 50s) but not too old. So be careful not to draw too many wrinkles.   STEP 7. Let's start working on the body. The character is always seen in a clean, well-pressed Nazi uniform. Using the construction lines as a guide, we can draw him wearing an undershirt and tie with a buttoned up jacket. The jacket has two large lapels. Draw the left arm with a few large wrinkles, but not too many. We will draw the right arm in the next step.   STEP 8. We're going to have the character holding his pipe up, so draw the right arm pointing upwards. Draw a series of wrinkles along the arm, mainly the bicep area. Be sure to draw the sleeve of the undershirt sticking out from the jacket. Since the arm is bent, the sleeves will be pulled down to the lower part of the wrist.   STEP 9. Perhaps the moment in the film that the character best known for is the scene where he smokes his large Calabash pipe. So let's draw him holding his pipe in his hand. Draw the fingers wrapping around the pipe, with the pinky finger curled underneath. Be sure to draw wrinkles on each knuckle and don't forget the fingernails. The pipe has a large, upside-down bell shape to it, even though the mouth of the pipe is normal size.   STEP 10. The colonel's uniform is adorned with medals and decorative patches. There are patches on the tops of the shoulders, square patches on the lapel, and medals pinned all over the chest. Take this opportunity to draw two large pockets on either side of the chest. The right pocket should be bare, whereas the left pocket features all the medals. Notice how the pockets are not flat against the body like internal pockets, but rather, they stick out like external pockets. The flaps of the pockets should be shaped like and "M" and buttoned shut in the middle.   STEP 11. Now is a good time to ink the image. Using a brush and ink, or Micron markers, carefully ink over you pencil marks. Be sure not to accidentally ink any unneeded guide lines. When the ink is dry, use a kneaded eraser to erase your pencil marks. You should now have a nice, clean, black and white image of the actor. But we are not done.   STEP 12. To add a greater sense of depth to the image, lets add shadow. Establish a light source (in this case it is coming from the upper left side of the page) and draw shadows on the opposite side of the arm, hand, clothing wrinkles, and parts of the face. Don't add too many shadows to the wrinkles on the face or it will make him look too old. Use your discretion here.   STEP 13. To finish the image, go back and add any final details or corrections. Use white ink or opaque white paint to add a tiny dot of white to each eye as a shine. This tiny effect will bring the image to life. And that's how you draw Christoph Waltz as Hans Landa! Congratulations!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12. Step 13.